Thanks to Intuit & Linden Labs for our mixed reality sessions

Last week we managed to pull off two “mixed reality” sessions as part of our first ever Maryland Business & Accounting Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center. The two sessions were perfect for the show’s theme of Innovation & Growth – Finding & Seizing Opportunities.

Intuit kicked off Day 2 with their session on the Future of Small Business – a report they sponsored with  the Institute for the Future. They were daring enough to attempt this live at the EXPO and in Second Life and by all accounts it was a success. Our virtual audience included about thirty-five avatars from all over the world! In addition to seeing what small business will look like in 2017, there was advice for CPAs in what they should be thinking about when serving these new businesses. I can’t help but point out that in the study (Phase 2 Technology), there is a big piece on virtual worlds and small businesses and a specific reference to Second Life.

Later that afternoon we had a repeat performance by Zee Linden (John Zdanowski) and Sue Linden (Sue Singer) of Linden Labs doing a session on the Virtual World of Second Life. John was virtual from his offices in California and Sue was live on-stage in Baltimore. Both were on-stage at the BLI Conference Center on CPA Island. Zee and Sue gave a great overview of how Second Life is being used for real business and non-profits and educational uses.

We also learned a lot by hosting these sessions and will be featuring video archives soon…

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