Bringing XBRL to Second Life

XBRL is changing the way public companies file financial information and investors access that data. Mike Willis,CPA founding member of XBRL International and partner at PWC was at the Maryland Business & Accounting EXPO ( to give the latest on this exciting development in the financial reporting arena. The photo on the right is me (with mustache) and Mike on the right at a dinner after meeting on the Enhanced Business Reporting Committee of the AICPA.

Mike did his usual fantastic job at the EXPO and was covered in an article in the Baltimore Business Journal by reporter, Rachel Sams, Scanning the System: Public Companies brace for new way to file financials. But if you know Mike, he was not content to stop there. When he saw our sessions on Second Life at the EXPO he wanted to do a session on XBRL in Second Life the virtual world.

Xbrl_train_is_boardingSerendipity played a big role as MIke connected us to his Partner Eric E. Cohen (Otto Chin in SL) and then through Linden CFO, John Zdanowski (who spoke “virtually” at our EXPO) to the SF FENG group and then viola we had a “mixed reality event” about XBRL in Second Life. Funny how that is the way this social media / Web 2.0 stuff works…

The event was held successfully on July 15th at our BLI Conference Center on CPA Island and live from the SF FENG group in San Francisco. See the blog post reporting this, Virtual Workshop Examines Reality of XBRL

Thanks Mike for pushing us to showcase an innovative financial concept on an innovative software platform.

Recent events in Second Life about CPAs

Are CPAs really doing anything in Second Life? Isn’t this just a passing fad?

Rocky has been busy over the past three weeks as Second Life is being asked about and featured in plenty of new venues. Just look at these activities and you tell me your answers:

Snapshot_005CPAs in Second Life, Social Media (Web 2.0), and the impact of technology on training (CPE) were the major part of the agenda at the Northeast CPE Directors Conference on Feb 8-10. The audience was captivated as we brought two accounting educators to the conference from within the virtual world of Second Life. Dr. Mike Kraten from Suffolk University in Boston and Dr. Steve Hornikfrom University of Central Florida both presented how they are using Second Life for accounting education.

DSC00980Social Media is here to stay and we all need to embrace it or be passed by. That was the message from Dr. Moira Gunn of NPR’s Technation as she delivered the dinner keynote at the PearsonPHASE conference for accounting educators. She talkd a lot about the power of collaboration from tools like wikis (and I would add Second Life).

FASB in SLFASB holds research meetings in Second Life! That’s right and they had a decent attendance (15+) at their meeting last week as yours truly, Rocky Maddaloni popped in to see what was going on. See details at the Metanomics website and thanks to Dr. Robert Bloomfieldaka Beyers Sellers in SL. See Edith Orenstein’s post over at the FEI Blog, titled Get a (Second) Life.

Robins Hermano - UCFDr. Steve Hornik did a demo for accounting educators at the Pearson PHASE conferences in Savannah, GA and San Diego, CA. He showed his virtual classroom, 3-d models used for homework by his students and talked about how he teaches 900+ accounting students per semester using Second Life to enhance their educational experience.

Jol - French CPA 3Then I ran into my old pal (from Second LIfe), Jol Maximus. Jol is a French CPA who recently bought an island (in SL) and is developing interactive exhibits to sue for his small business clients. He said the reason he is working in SL is that the 3-D environment works well for showing accounting concepts to small businesses, it is where thought leaders hang out, and gives him great press & public relations. Jol is a local practitioner in France (two person firm).

Ron Baker's displayDon’t miss our upcoming CPE Sessions from Second Life, like today’s session by Ron Baker (of Verasage) titled, Leading Knowledge Workers – Human Capital, Not Cattle. You will see Ron present from within Second Life from his offices in California to a packed house at our BLI Conference Center on CPA Island. We could never bring in this type of training this easily to our members.


So, what do you think? Is Second Life for REAL?


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