CPA Island prepares for MDBIZEXPO!

We have been busy preparing for another great MDBIZEXPO and of course we are incorporating the best of the virtual world and the “real world” to provide the most value for our sponsors, exhibitors, and leading edge speakers.

The first thirty (30) “Real world” sponsors pf the MDBIZEXPO  also get booths at our BLI Conference Center on CPA Island in Second Life. This year there is a special event on Monday, June 15th (the day before the EXPO) as we present CPAS and Second Life at the AICPA Tech Plus conference in Las Vegas at 1:00 pm – 1:50pm (PT/SLT).

See some photos on our Flickr set MDBIZEPXO in Second Life

Join Bean Wollongong (Byron Patrick of Hosted Solutions) and Rocky Maddaloni (Tom Hood of MACPA) as they host real CPAs and leaders in the accounting profession that use Second Life for training, education, meetings, and student recruitment.

Here are just a few of our special guests:

Accounting educators & instructors (SL Names in parens):

Dr. Mike Kraten – (Mike1 Noel) – Suffolk University – Virtual Reality Business Network

Dr. Steve Hornik -(Robins Hermano) – University of Central Florida – Really Engaging Accounting

BLI Instructors who have taught CPE in Second Life:

Eric -E. Cohen – (Otto Chin) – PWC (and XBRL)

Mark Jankowski – (Mark Wizenheim) – Shapiro Negotiations Institute

Associations exploring Second Life:

Edith Orenstein – (Edith Osterham) – Financial Executives International

Dave Macdonald – (Dave Mandelkern) – Certified Management Accountants – Canada

Kevin Mead – (KevinMead Fairport) – IGAF Worldwide

Anne Hampson – (Anne Wellesley) – IGAF Worldwide

Accounting Press in SL:

Gail Perry – (Glal Landar) – AccountingWeb

Rob Nance – (Quincy Greybeard) – AccountingWeb

Several of our “cool friends” will be in the audience in Vegas, or enroute to our MDBIZEXPO and are worth a shout out:

Robert Tarola – (Roberto Marialla) – Right Advisory

Bob Laux – (Ro Shippe) – Microsoft Corporation and the Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium

Ron Baker – (RJB Adamski) – Verasage

Ed Kless – (Ed Karlsvalt) – Verasage

Alexandra DeFilice (Ad Denimore) – Journal of Accountancy

Roger Franks (Gather Sabra) – CCH

Richard Johnson – (Professor Jetcity) – Frostburg University

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