5 More Reasons to Consider Second Life (and Virtual Worlds)

Today’s post comes from Intuit’Small Business Labs blog where they picked up that we had started getting CPAs into Second Life with CPA Island and the Second Life Association of CPAs.

They got it right, wherever there is an economy, CPAs are needed – Steve King termed it “following the money” in his post yesterday you can read here: CPAs in Second Life. That is exactly why our friends at KAWG&F became the first CPA firm in Second Life.

In addition to the money, is the idea of following the next generation – the millennial or “gaming generation” who grew up in these games and are the impetus behind these “real economies” with their significant amounts of disposable income fueling the growth of this new form of entertainment. We think we need be ready to reach them where they hang out.

So what are the reasons small business (and our small CPA firms who serve this important segment) should be in Second Life?

Cfo_rising_session_zee_rocky2Steve’s post re-introduced me to Intuit’s research report, The Future of Small Business: Technology  Trends & Small Business which has a whole section on Web 2.0 and Second Life. Another reason why I love the blogosphere! So here are some of the reasons outlined in the report and my own to consider:

  1. Small Business relationships will become more virtual as online social networks expand
  2. Virtual Worlds will be widely adopted venues for reaching customers and experimenting with product ideas and business models
  3. Learning & training will be greatly enhanced with the immerse experiences provided by virtual world environments (mine)
  4. New opportunities to reach the “gaming generation” are now available to businesses and non-profits (like MACPA) via virtual worlds like Second Life (see our prior post on this)
  5. Congress is studying virtual worlds and taxing virtual transactions – if that isn’t a sign of a real economy what is? (see this post from the Virtual World News blog and the latest humorous post about the hearings last week)

We continue to think that Web 2.0 and virtual worlds will continue to be an important medium to interact and conduct “real” business in the future.

What do you think – are these virtual worlds worth exploring are you sitting this one out?

Want to learn more?

Check out our Web 2.0 self-guided learning blog here: CPALearning2.com (it has a section on Second Life)

MdbizexpoholdthesedatesAttend the Maryland Business & Accounting Expo where we will feature several sessions on Web 2.0 tools for business and showcase a “live” mixed reality session from Second Life to the show floor, featuring Linden Lab (creators of Second Life), CFO, John Zdanowski who will talk about business in Second Life. if you can’t attend live, you can join us in Second Life from CPA Island.

By the way, Intuit is a premium sponsor of MDBIZEXPO and we will have copies of their report “The Future of Small Business” available for all attendees.

Check out real interviews (including ours) at Mike O’Hara’s series the Virtual World’s Business Cast (from the UK) – Our interview is here

Our latest interview (KAWG&F pioneers, Arlene Ciroula, Byron Patrick and yours truly) on the SL show, Metanomics by Dr. Robert Bloomfield can be found here : Accountants in Second Life

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