Total Ethiopia S.C


Corporate social responsibility over the past half a century evolved into a modern and widely accepted concept. It represents a comprehensive concept related to the role of business in global market and development. CSR is based on the presumption that the stakeholders expect companies to perform responsibly in terms of reducing negative outcomes resulting from their operation and for the most part profit-orientated objectives of their undertaking. Various definitions and approaches to CSR coexist today, some determined by socio-cultural and economic situation in a given country, some by the political system and belief.

TOTAL Ethiopia S.C realized the importance of involvement in CSR practices from economic, social, ethical and philanthropic issues. The aim of this study was to understand thepractice of CSR in TOTAL and to assess the policies and principles of CSR implemented in TOTAL Ethiopia, the judgments of various stakeholders on Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) practice of TOTAL, the attitudes observed on customers caused by CSR practice of TOTAL and understanding of the staff members in various functional areas of the organization aboutthe practice of CSR in TOTAL. This study was conducted in TOTAL Ethiopia S.C with the general objective of assessing the effect of CSR on the attitude of its stakeholders .To answer the research questions, self-managed interviews and questionnaires were developed in to three types for the community, employee, and Dealers/Customers of the company while the interview is made with CSR manager of the company. Questionnaire and interview were the main source of data for this study. General and Specific objectives of the study were addressed briefly. The major results of thisstudy discussed hereunder.


• In order to get some feedback from the external Dealers/Customers and community, complaint management plays greater role for the organization. Results of this study show that there is complaint management system developed by the organization that encourage those who need to forward some ideas. 81% of employees responded that they believe the company has relevant compliant management program.

•Dealers/Customers (90.5%) feel that they are safe with the products of TOTAL Ethiopia S.C. However, when we come to the response rate of the community, 30 (68.2%) of them do not fee secured about the plant due to lack of proper attention and failed to create awareness that would alleviate the feeling of insecurity. This clearly shows that the company needs to strive more to improve the quality and awareness of its products and services.

•As long as keeping the promise given to the stakeholders is one of the ethical approach of business operators, communities were asked if they have witnessedunethical acts of the company that violate the norms and ethics of the society. From all, 35(79.5%) of them thought that the company is running unethically in this regard while the remaining 9 (20.5%) of them confirms that the company is doing well.

• In relation with discretionary responsibility of the organization, charity and environmental protection are the major ones especially for its relationship with the community. Based on the responses got from the community 10 (22.7%) of them wereable to recognize charitable activities of the company, though the company providing support for charity and alsoinvolves in environmental protection activities, this does not mean that the company is discharging it CSR properly. As heard and interviewed from the community, the company and the regional delegates promised us to do lot such as building clinics, improving livelihoods ,constructing road and etc when displacing us from our land but the company did only few of the given promises. It is found that the company needs to bond or glue the relationship with customer and community in relation to corporate social responsibility.

•Concerning the support for Small businesses and enterprises, majority of the community agreedthat31(70.5%) of respondents agreed that sometimes the training is job and operation related, the company is offering training opportunity. From our witness, TOTAL is needs to a lot more in this regard. The company has a CSR package “Support to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises” program” which support and chosen any best small and medium scale enterprises emerged from the community via contest and this contest is to identify, reward and accompany the best, most innovative projects developed by young companies in Ethiopia .The winning projects will garner the’’ Startupper of the year XXXX by Total” label and receive both financial support and professional coaching from Total Ethiopia. The group in 34 African Countries initiates the program simultaneously. A jury of professional selected ten semifinalists in Ethiopia based on their innovativeness, originality, daring, the project’s development potential, and capacity to improve the population’s living conditions. Based on the candidates’ defense and presentation of the project, the jury chose three winners among the semifinalists. The ‘Start upper of the Year by TOTAL,” challenging is part of TOTAL’s global initiative to support the socio-economic development of all the countries in which it operates worldwide. Though the company has such a package across the affiliates , based on the responses get from the surrounding community, TOTAL Ethiopia S.C needs to do a lot more in this regard.