Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter is a famous author who wrote stories about animals, explaining their

Behaviors. Her book are almost always series books. The main ones would be Seekers,

Warriors, and survivors. Erin hunter is a 1# New York Times bestselling author. She is actually seven people, all beautiful and creative women.

Erin Hunter is an interesting author. You might be deceived to think she is a boy hearing her name but reading it you can see she's a girl. That's not all, she is actually six people, now seven. These seven people would include Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, Gillian Philip, Inbali Iserles, Victoria Holmes and newly Rosie Best. Erin Hunter started with Victoria Holmes when Harper Collins asked her to write a fantasy series about feral cats, she wasn't really enthusiastic about writing it so she needed help, Kate Cary came and wrote the book and after three books Cherith Baldry joined then Tui Sutherland became the fourth, Then Gilian Philipsm, Inbali Iserles and newly Rosie Best (Carter).

Kate Cary is a married woman with three cats and a son, she has always loved cats since she was a child when her father gave her a kitten. She helped write warriors. Cherith Baldry grew up on a farm, which had cats too. She was married but her husband sadly passed away and she has two grown up sons now. She also has two cats, Bramble and sorrel which she incorporated into the stories. She also has worked on warriors. Tui Sutherland is married right now and has a little dog. She started off as an editor for the Erin hunter team but then she became part of their team. Gillian Philip was a city girl born and raised, but then she fell in love with a country boy who she now lives with in the country as well as her three dogs, two cats and two kids. Inbali Iserles, her name sounds unusual, she has a foreign name because she was born in Israel. She only has one dog but still loves cats. Victoria Holmes She grew up on a farm, so she loves all kinds of animals but her favorites are Cats, Dogs and Horses. She is one of the original Erin’s. Lastly we have Rosie Best, She is married and has three cats, and she was only recently added to the team but had been a long time editor for Survivors.

Erin Hunter has wrote many books, about many animals. Her writing follows the same theme throughout her books. It focuses on survival of clans, packs, and individuals. Also the stories within them, birth to death and through good and bad.

Her main series would include Warriors, which is about cats who live in the wild, how they survive. Then she had survivors, this series is about dogs. A lot like warriors but with dogs, how they live and everything. The Seekers series is a bit different, but is similar in the aspect that it tells about how they survive but it has a different feel, it’s about bears and how they come together with as different breeds of bears, and must put aside their differences to survive. Her books have some branches off them, off the main stories going more in depth of the characters and explaining things. She wrote these books to explain the behavior of animals, such as cats, dogs and bears, even though they are really realistic there are some things that are unrealistic.

Erin Hunter is one or seven amazing authors. Each one of them are wonderful, amazing, and creative people. They all work together to create great books. Her books can be read by all ages, and still be enjoyed. For many reasons I love Erin Hunter, not only their writing but their personalities.