Book Review Format Notes

Book Review Format Notes

1000 – 1500 words, typed, double spaced

Put the following information in the center at the top of page one.

Title: Days Of Destruction, Days Of Revolt

Author: Chris Hedges

Publisher: Nation Books

Date of publication: June 12, 2012

Number of pages: 320 Pages


Catch the reader’s attention!

Make the reader want to read your review.

Do not assume the reader has read the book.

General facts to consider

What type of book is it? An historical book that relates the confession of abused people living in poor areas of the U.S. where the vivid description of natural resources has been abducted, and mini-histories for contextualization of the current state of affairs.

The author and his/her background; what makes the author qualified?What is the author’s point of view? As an American journalist, Presbyterian minister, and visiting Princeton University lecturer has created a man that emphasizes the protection of defenseless people and exploited landscapes that are abused from ideology of mass consumption.

Carefully REVIEW and THINK about each of the following:

Title:What does it tell us about the book?

As “destruction,” people have to take action as their buy is not listened. The vulnerable people are not earning profit as they enforce all their effort while the high social status receives all the merit. Revealing a reason of a change, “revolt” emphasizes the action that the margined areas must take for being listened from above.

Preface/Introduction:What do these tell us?

The Introduction emphasizes the topics that Hedges talk through the chapters. He interviews people of the most risk zones of U.S. where the natural resources have been taken generating a high unbalance.

Chapter titles:These sometimes reveal important points in the story.

Epilogue/last chapter/summary:the author frequently states the thesis or “moral of the story” here.

Hedges develops the idea of being thankful with the support that other gives to you. As the author demonstrate how his team help him through the process of finding the cases and correct him in his Spanish grammar, to the illustration and publication of the book. Hedges states that human being has the capacity of recognizing the size and strength of enemies, but we are the ones that choose to be intimidate and play as the victim, or to gain strength for debating as we take them down.

What was the story about?Do not try to retell the entire story.Instead, select a few highlights and/or lowlights.Use specific examples to support your opinions.

What is the thesis?This is the most important point to analyze in your review.

What external factors have influenced the book?Was the author a participant in an event?Was it written many years after the episode? Etc.

Is the book good/bad/indifferent? Be specific and tell why.Is the author convincing or not?Do you agree or disagree with the author?Why?

What sources does the author use in his/her research?

How well is the book documented? (footnotes, endnotes, primary, secondary, etc.)

What does it reveal about the people, subject, or event that has significance for us today?

Is the author convincing in presenting a thesis?What examples from the text best support his/her thesis/theme? (page numbers in parenthesis)

Did you like the book?What would improve the book?Would you recommend this book to another person?What type of person would like this book?