C. S. Lewis

Ty Jackson

Mrs. Creasy

1st Period Reading/Writing Enrichment

13 May 2018

C. S. Lewis the pioneer of Imagination

C. S. Lewis was one of the most influential writers of his time and had many followers, shaping the society that we live in today. C S Lewis (Clive Staples Lewis) was extremely determined even as a child. He decided he did not want to go by the name of Clive so he named himself Jack and wouldn't respond to Clive anymore. Lewis had to start of early, go through many challenges, and let his imagination flow to become the man he was at the end of his life. Due to Lewis's concentration, fine writing skills, and experience in the field of teaching, he became a well renowned writer.

C. S. Lewis was born on November 29, 1898, in Belfast, Ireland. Lewis had an older brother named Warren, he called him Warnie. The two were very close and they had a loving family. Lewis’s mother died of abdominal cancer when he was 9 years old. Just before she died she gave each of her children a gift: a Bible with a message of her love inscribed in it. This was a spark of Lewis’s beginnings of a Christian follower. Lewis went to the school Cherbourg House from about 1911 through 1913. He moved to England to live with William Kirkpatrick in 1914. William was the former headmaster of Cherbourg. Lewis was able to go to College at Oxford because of the help from William.

In 1917 Lewis joined the British army and became an officer in the 3rd Battalion. He was in combat in France when he was only 19. Lewis was wounded in the Battle of Arras, he returned to the army until he was discharged. Lewis graduated from Oxford at the top of his class in literature and history. Lewis taught as the Fellow of English Language at Magdalene college for 30 years. Lewis was a rigorous teacher but he helped create many amazing writers. He started his writing career with several books of poems.

Throughout the 1940s, Lewis's popularity as a literary critic grew, and as his ability increased he surprised many by writing the fantasy series “The Chronicles of Narnia”. He intended the books to be read by children but hoped to maintain their adult audience by filling them with sophisticated philosophical, religious, and intellectual ideas. In the 1940s, Lewis met a Jewish woman named Joy Gresham. She was a writer and Lewis and Joy became good friends. Joy divorced her husband and moved to England with her two sons. In 1956, Lewis and Joy married in a civil ceremony so she could be a citizen. Soon after, Joy was diagnosed with cancer and her death seemed unavoidable. Lewis realized how much loved her and they married again in her hospital room. Joy recovered, and she and Lewis traveled to Ireland and Greece. They lived happily with her sons until the tumor came back. In 1957 Joy died at the age of forty-five. Lewis lived after her for about 6 years and died from renal failure. He died on the same day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

All in all, Lewis had many life achievements. He was a very influential children’s writer. He was one of the only Christian writers of his time. He lectured at many colleges, creating a mass following. C S Lewis was a very determined person throughout his lifetime and is possibly the most well-known names in literature.