American Artist Jonny Ruzzo Kultahattu

Zelda Fitzgerald is not only the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the leading exponent of Generation Loss, she was also a rebellious and modern woman who in the twenty-first year claimed a "hilarious" life. Now his graphic novel tells and illuminates his life.

Powerful and Excitement to Live Roaring Twenties, Marked Traveling Everywhere in Europe, Literature, Festivals, Creation, Economics Ups and Downs, and Wearing Alcohol. Drink, gin, Scott Fitzgerald would end in 1940, year after he died of a heart attack in Hollywood where he lived writing manuscripts and novels.

He, Zelda, died in 1948, at the age of 47, at a fire psychiatric hospital in Highland, in Ahéville, North Carolina, where he was hospitalized at the last diagnosed times of "schizophrenia", a disease full of ups and downs of the emotional life of this woman who dancing wrote, painted, drank, experiment and the world ate snacks, but who was also in the shade of "great."

So this fascinating biography that reveals and discovers a woman who inspired many works by Fitzgerald, his music, and the night is affectionate with the protagonist Nicole has been traced to him have been cartoons, a mix of pure literature and comics, Superzelda, a work that has created Italians Tiziana Lo Porto and Daniele Marotta, and published in Spain and Amarica Latina 451 Editores.

Editor of the book, Samuel Alonso, this work is a function of "defending Zelda, who belonged to the generation of the Jazz Age, but since he was a woman standing in shade, as the Latin American boom is now celebrating 50 years and never talk about great female writers like Elena Garro, former Octavio Paz, and left in his shadow or Maria Luis Bombal and Clarice Lispector, "he says.

Zelda established a world of carefree life-style in the twenties. I wanted to live and that she wanted to care for her daughter. - "Because children must never be harmed," he said, the love of adventurous life "within his family was out of the sider and this comic has found many anecdotes in his biography that did not know much".

Life with a lot of smoke, jazz and gin, accelerator, free, isolated and rich in correspondence; struggles, scandals, outbound luxury hotels back doors in New York, many beliefs; but yes, lots of love.

And a woman whom Hemingway, another member of Loss Generation, and Dos Passos accused of Scott's life.

This animation, just released for bookstores, will be published in a new edition of the American artist Jonny Ruzzo Kultahattu published by Sextopisoilustrado.

Great Gastby, considered one of the best novels in American history, was a symbol of the era, from the crazy years of the lost generation.

There, Jay Gatsby represents "the best and worst American dream" is just one goal of collecting money and using it as a sound way to get a love for a beautiful, yet flighty Daisy Buchana, Zelda again.

And this fever Fitzgerald, which started publishing a few years in the Alabama Song, writer Gilles Leroy makes a novel published by RBA and which voice Zelda was released, will be completed by The Great Gatsby, directed by Leonardo DiCaprio, directed by Baz Luhrmann, same as Mouline Rouge,