Physical Appearance

The proverb “don’t judge a book by its covers” is a phrase used by people meaning, the physical appearance of something should not be solely concluded or determine something fitness or flaws. However, people believe the physical appearance can tell much information about something, a controversy which has been a challenge to many people in making choices and giving an opinion. Ideally, the age of a person and lifestyle primarily is defined by the look of someone physical appearance including clothes and body size. For instance, people believe women beauty or attractiveness is associated with man satisfactions or desires and women must work on it to ensure they get the right mate. The physical characteristic of a woman or lady which includes flawless skin, bright eyes, a symmetrical face and well-formulated body shape has been a continuous spectacular which men values when deciding the woman to have in the relationship in a variety of cultures (Carpenter, 2015). Men believe women with such characters are psychologically and socially advantageous, unlike the counterparts who are unattractive.

However, intensive scientific research conducted has anonymous upheld, physical appearance not a solely the determination of inner persons characteristic and may lack accuracy (Borden’s Horowitz, 2001). Women who are less attractive in physical appearance can of a great benefit than those who are conspicuous in the society for men satisfaction, this is because physical appearance can be modified to meet such attributes. The physical appearance of the individuals has been misused, for example, in the court of the law, the judge may pass the judgment by considering the physical appearance of somebody which is an injustice.

The Lombrosian theory has been misused in this case of determination of criminals, where it looked to be a great deal but later was proved to be the worst theory to be used in the court to judge criminals (Burgess, 2014).

The theory accelerates biases and discrimination and the conclusion is based on stereotypical aspect. Scientific research has been explored in the study of the genetics and evolution theory which has ultimately proved the physical appearance does not give an accurate answer for inner person attributes. People beliefs lead to biases and discrimination of the less attractiveness which can be fatal in human life. Incorporation of theory give clear evidence why people should not judge others based on physical appearance example is evolution theory.

Evolution theory

Evolution theory was developed purposely for biology by Darwin based on adaptive biological traits but in the psychology, the evaluation theory incorporates adaptive behaviors to determine why people act in such manner (Feenstra, 2013). For instance, the theory is focused on the cognitive, social and developmental psychology. Ideally, women and men like reproducing with the health people to transfer the genetic code to the offspring, but on the other hand, the primarily evolution theory is based on the successful reproduction. This is an evidence, people are determined by a selection of attractiveness and rejecting others traits based on the preference they have in life.

Also parenting investment theory, suggest the effort the parent focuses on a child it structures the behavior and mating strategies of the child (Lancaster & Lancaster, 2017). The theory suggests women possess great care of the child than the male in the sense that, females have more time with the child than the counterpart’s males. Also, the theory is supported by the scientist who argues the ultimate importance of people relation is to successful production. Attractiveness design an individual and suggest female can successfully produce when possessing certain traits.

The facial characteristic, attractiveness or the body size can influence the cultural understanding. For example, the stereotypical conclusion such as thin people may have been affected by the HIV and those that are overweight are lazy. However, in some community and culture people who are overweight are considered healthy and attractive indicating counter-culture belief. Contrary to evolution theory which indicates, the weight of an individual is insignificant if the individuals can successfully reproduce.

Evolution and attractiveness

Intensive scientific research which has been conducted has concluded the facial appearance and physical body defines the inner attribute of individuals. However, the investment used in the enhancing the physical appearance has been considered insignificant. the Lombroso theory has proved how personal perception regarding attractiveness and attractive can be a destructive and can fuel injustice if is used to conclude certain aspect based on the appearance of an individual’s (Valla et al., 2011).

Research conducted has clearly indicated the in the women the face of attraction increases the during the fertile phase. The research conducted by examining several women during the menstruation period and after menstruation period. The data corrected was analyzed and the results indicated the best photographs of the woman were attractive was during the follicular stage. The research supports the credibility of stereotypical phenomena which indicates attractive women are more fertile than unfertile women (Roberts, 2014). It is an evidence, people who cannot reproduce are considered unattractive in the social settings and unacceptable. The research conducted in Ghana indicated the couples who married and did not successfully produces looked unhappy as the children are the primarily the reason for getting married.

The couple who are not able to transfer the genetic code is criticized by the family members and disrespected (Tabong & Adongo, 2013).

The physical appearance can be a challenge as it accelerates problem due to discrimination, for instance, the skin color has been a long spectacular of players especially in the football being discriminated and humiliated, the managers and the fans underweight the performance of a player. The same has been manifested in the major companies during hiring.The discrimination is solely determined by either the physical appearance or the skin color of the individuals. An example, a lawsuit was filed against Abercrombie organization where the company allegedly used physical appearance during the hiring and discrimination as the firm requires the employee to present American style (Sherwyn, & Ritter, 2015). However, when a company uses such criteria during the hiring it may incur losses as it may lead hiring incompetent employees. The same is reflected the couple, an evolutionary perspective theory the discriminative behavior arises due to the fact that men focus on the fertility aspects while on the other hand, women are more focused on the materials aspects which are advantageous to them and boost their social status.

The attractiveness stereotype has led to the potential risk to women in the effort of looking at enhancing their physical appearance. Ideally, women invest a lot in the purchase of the cosmetics which affects them and other causing serious skin cancer. With the development of the technology women changes, the body colors and restructure part of the body part using the plastically surgery. However, the risk arises which is in irreversible when the body reacts with the chemicals. Also, research conducted most of the doctors performs the surgery do it in the office and are not qualified to perform the surgeries which contributing to problems.

There are also other conditions related to use of cosmetic and surgery which includes females having anorexia and experiencing bulimia eating health problems (Mlodinow et al., 2015).

It is clear men can consider such women health by looking the physical appearance which can frustrate them later on when caring the medical bills in hospital in the effort of correcting the complication arises.

On the other hand, men who use cosmetic and surgeries to enhance their physical appearance may lead to heart failure, developing diabetes and experiencing binge as well kidney failure. From the perspective of the evaluation theory, such behavior is done by the individuals to enhance the attractiveness, therefore the characteristic gives the individuals the advantage of attracting mates with high genes quality.

However, not all matters regarding attractiveness stereotype are discriminatory and biased. For instance, the scientific research has confirmed as an evidence that people who are attractive are always happy than those people who are less attractive. Admitted, the research conducted involving male and female equal number were tested and the results indicate the attractive people are happier and health unlike people considered to be unattractive who look stressed and dull (Farhud et al., 2014).


In conclusion, it is an evidence, not all the attributes associated with the attractiveness stereotype are great and upheld. For instance, attractiveness is environmentally influenced where person enhanced him or herself to change in physical appearance and such a tribute. Also, the attractiveness is based on discrimination aspects and has manifested in a different way including in the sports and in the hiring of the individuals in the organization. The attractiveness stereotype contributes individually abandoning culture attracting unethical behavior in the society. Also, the in the effort of people enhancing their physical appearance it does not change their inner attributes, for example, an African or a black person doing plastic surgery to become a white man does not change his or her behavior either insides attributes. Therefore, it is an evidence, we should not judge a book by its cover.