Brave New World

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17 May 2018

Aldous Huxley

A famous author who wrote many books. Huxleyborn July 26, 1894, in Laleham, England, interesting fact Huxley did not grow up in London (Exploring Novels). At the age of sixteen, Huxley went to England’s prestigious Eton school,where he was trained in many fields. “Huxley later went to college at Oxford where he excelled academically” (Exploring Novels).

Huxley had a very good early life. He went to England’s prestigious Eton School where he was trained in many fields (Exploring Novels). Later he went to Oxford where he excelled amazingly he also edited literary journals. Huxley was what we call amazing. He wrote many books, Crome Yellow, Antice Hay, Those Barren Leaves, Brave New World,Point Counterpoint,and Brave New World Revisited.

At the age of fourteen, Huxley lost his mom, Julia,to a battle of cancer. Also “ in his early teen years Huxley had a rare illness that caused him to almost lose his vision” (Exploring Novels). Huxley married his first wife, Maria Nys, in 1919. They ended up having a son whom they named Matthew. “To support his family, Huxley pursued writing, editing, and teaching, traveling throughout Europe, India, and the United States at various points” (Exploring Novels). “In May, 1961, Huxley’s home burned with everything inside including his writer’s manuscript, letters, and journals” (Grayson). Through everything Huxley did everything he could to support his family.

Huxley had a career in writing essays.Later he went to writing novels and screenplays for Hollywood. “Huxley was nominated to win the 50,000 dollar award for the Guggenheim. The award is given away every two years” (Huxley’s Hucksters). Huxley had a very good education. He went to Oxford where he excelled amazingly. Huxley also went to England’s Prestigious Eton school and he learned many things there as well. He benefited from having a family full of intelligence.

Huxley wrote many books, but one of the best sellers was Point Counterpoint (1928). Point Counterpointwas “according to Exploring Novelsa complex novel of ideas featuring many characters and incorporating Huxley’s knowledge of music” (Exploring Novels). Point Counterpoint was a novel based on “Huxley’s ideas about erroneous human values and actions and about the complex social, political economic, and psychological causes of such actions and values” (Point Counterpoint Summary). Huxley also wrote many other novels that had a very good outcome, for example Brave New World.

Huxley also wrote a book called The Doors Of Perception (1954).The Doors OfPerception is a book about his encounter with drugs, and how the experience went.His disillusionment led him toward mysticism and the use of hallucinatory drugs and to write The Doors Of Perception ( Sova). With this experience, he also wrote Eyeless in Gaza (1936), and Heaven and Hell (1956) in which he describes the use of mescaline to induce visionary states

( Sova). Huxley had many major works and synopsis.These are two of his most recent.

Huxley got married to Maria Nys in 1919, and they had a son whom they named Matthew (Exploring Novels). In 1955, Maria died of cancer, which is what he also lost his mom to when he was a teenager. After Huxley lost his first wife to cancer, in 1956 he married author and psychotherapist, Laura Archera. Huxley was diagnosed with the same cancer that killed his mom, and late wife in 1960. He lived for three years after he was diagnosed with cancer. His health steadily declined and on November 22, 1963 he lost his battle to cancer. Huxley died in Los Angeles California and his ashes were buried in England in his parents grave.An Interesting fact is that President John F. Kennedy was also assassinated on November 22, 1963 (Exploring Novels).

Huxley’s greatest contribution to the literary world was his book, Brave New World. This book “brought him to international fame (Exploring Novels). Brave New World was a novel Huxley wrote, and it was a dystopian novel. Huxleyalso wrote a book about his encounter with drugs, which is called The Doors of Perception (1954) (Exploring Novels). This book is about Huxley doing an experimental drug that the natives used to use. “ He also experimented with mysticism, parapsychology, and under the supervision of a physician friend, the hallucinogenic drugs mescaline and LSD (exploring Novels).

According to people “the two most disturbing things about people to Huxley is ignorance and birthrates” ( Perennial rule). “Amazingly, Huxley has a reputation as a class warrior, despite prejudice (Perennial rule). Many people loved Huxley and his books. Huxley wrote about many things including his own experiences. “Most of his novels focus on Huxley's prediction of horrible consequences when an ascendant lower class gains control.

Huxley was an amazing author.He wrote many books. He had many accomplishments in his life, and he went through many trials in his life, but through all of it he had an outstanding career. He wrote novels, and he later went on to writing screen plays for Hollywood. In our life, we go through many trials, and we may not think we will get through it but we can. Just like Huxley we can achieve our goals and have a good life and career.