Viva La Juicy

When it comes to magazine advertising, most people think of the large, glossy, national publications full of big brand advertisers. Nowadays when you go grocery shopping you tend to find yourself staring at the different magazine found in those magazine stands while checking out your groceries, do you ever wonder why you do that? Is the magazine your staring at or attempting to read signifying something that seems appealing to you? In today’s many magazines they have become so diverse that they just stand out to you by just look at the cover. Reading magazine such as Cosmopolitan shows the type of person who you maybe be which according to Merriam-Webster, Cosmopolitan means “having wide international sophistication.” The writers of Cosmopolitan are aware their readers have different intention for reading the magazine because according to Bartleby essay analysis Cosmopolitan magazines are, “popular beverage made famous by HBO’s Sex in the City by informing the reader for example, that it is acceptable to engage in pre-marital sex because there are women throughout the world that are doing the same thing. The message in the article reinforces that all women are the same in the sense that they all have the same problems and Cosmo will help fix them.” Therefore, it is clear that Cosmopolitan is undoubtedly a fitting title for a magazine geared towards readers who are a single woman who is looking for advice about makeup, fashion, and sophistication.”

For those who don’t know what the Cosmopolitan magazine is according to Britannica is a magazine that is stated as, “a monthly magazine for women, with more than 50 international editions. The advertisement-heavy magazine features short fiction pieces and advice-oriented articles on relationships, sex, fashion, entertainment, and careers.” As you look at the specific magazine I have on the cover you find yourself looking at the pop music or rock music star named Kesha Rose Sebert. The master head of the magazine is in a hot pink type of color to stand out from all the other colors found on the cover which makes you think that why is it only that the master head is only in pink, is it that most girls like the color pink or its known that if your girl your favorite color should be pink. So, by the master head being in pink, it’s maybe trying to attract only women readers. As you continue to glance at the cover you notice featured stories such as on texts from an ex, cuddling positions that seal your bond, and daring moves that feel extra awesome for you in a hot pink color similar to the master head.

Before you look through this magazine you find yourself staring at the person who is on the cover that is Kesha a pop music start. Kesha looks at the reader from the populism aspect which according to an article from The Atlantic Uri Freidman describes it as, “An ideology like fascism involves a holistic view of how politics, the economy, and society as a whole should be ordered.” This means that Kesha is making the reader to have a desire to fit in with populism values of rock and roll, colorful hot pink ads on the cover and less expensive item such as a sundress she has on that makes it seem like every girl can own one and wear it. After looking at the cover I decide to flip through the magazine pages and come across many different types of advertisements that only seem to be for women because they consist of sex stories, makeup ideas, and relationship advice that relates to the advertising strategies of universalism which is known as advertisement that tend to appeal to everyone whether it may be man or women, however the advertisement found in this magazine are intended only for the women due to the way many of the ads are focused or worded to target the women readers so it can seem appealing to them and not men.

As I turn through different pages I come upon an advertisement that has a lot of semiotic meaning to it. Usually, semiotics is described by Sonia Maasaki and Jack Solomon as, “one who practices semiotic analysis of a shirt, a haircut, a TV image, anything at all, can be taken as a sign, as a message to be decoded and analyzed to discover it’s meaning.” The advertisement I choose to decode and analyze is about Maybelline lipstick brand with the image of a Chinese girl who looks comfortable and using pink lipstick. It signifies the women who use this product will feel comfortable because their lips will deeply moisturize by using this product. The background is a garden flower and also the flower in front of the model signifying that this product was inspired from summer time when the flower bloom, which shows the product made of natural substance; therefore, this product is appropriate for young girl and women who have a youthful spirit. The white color is used to show good, youth and purity of collagen-enriched shade!”, “Lips are up to 50% smoother and visibly fuller”, “Color is instantly maximized, richer, and more sumptuous than ever before”,” SPF 15”, signifying the ingredients and the benefit by using this product. Also, other signifiers that can be semiotic can be the signature line itself it’s a signifier that “Moisture Extreme Lip Color”, meaning that by it signifying the brand name of the product produced by Maybelline company. “Maybelline New York” signifies the name of the company producing the new brand lipstick by moisture extreme. The slogan in this advertisement is signifier “Maybe She Born With it, Maybe It’s Maybelline” signifying to give suggestion the woman to use the product and that Maybelline is a cosmetic brand which is dedicated and exists for women. A third semiotic analysis found in this advertisement can be looked at from the verbal analysis of the image headline. The headline of the lipstick signifies “The Most Voluptuous Naturals” that this product is the greatest lipstick product which can give a physical pleasure to the consumer when she uses this product. The signifier of “Deep, Nourishing Moisture”, “Never look ashy or chalky” signifies that this product can make the lips nourished in deep and the result does not cause the users look pale.The body copy is a signifier “Deep moisture, plus new Signifier “Find your flattering shades at” signifies to inform the target audience that they are able to acquire further information about this lipstick in Maybelline website. By Maybelline doing this it shows the lipstick itself is meant for women to use only which shows that its targeted for them and not any other gender that chooses to read this magazine and comes across a Maybelline advertisement.The body copy is signifier “Deep moisture, plus new

As I continue flipping through the magazine I come across a picture of a woman with the perfume named Viva LA Juicy and expensive clothes on with jeweler that make the advertisement seem like an elitism type of advertisement that this woman is trying to portray. According to Ad Age, an article by Michael Learmouth describes elitisms as, “opposite of the word populism. It is for certain persons or member of certain class or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.” The advertiser here is using elitism to capture the reader’s attention by showing the upper-class person with high social status has as an elitism person. As you look at the perfume name “Viva LA Juicy” it holds a huge signifier because it has a catchy slogan to draw attention to the reader, accentuated by the bold font. In addition, the Spanish word “Viva” and “La” from the “Juicy Couture” means “Long Live Juicy”, Implying the everlasting nature of the perfume and allowing the reader or consumer to feel eternal. Another thing is the use of Spanish, especially with the word “Viva”, can signify the passionate and lustful nature of Spaniards in love. As you also look closely the model herself appears to be completely elitism one more again because she is creating a seductive type of advertisement and also exudes sensual appeal giving the perfume and intrinsic beauty. Another huge signifier that is significant in this certain advertisement is the universalism aspect of who’s endorsing the perfume. The girl who is endorsing the advertisement is a Russian model known as Sasha Pivovarova who is a renowned model who is extremely famous and well liked. Also, she has been at the top of the model’s rankings since 2007 and has represented big-name fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani and Prada. By Viva LA Juicy doing this they are making their own brand target for women in the United States, featuring high end yet an affordable product that has the Russian model Sasha Pivovarova as the person advertising it. There is also a flap in the magazine with the sample of the perfume, reassuring potential women consumer that the perfumes legitimacy is worth it and it smells good and can be found in specific store such as Sephora making it accessible and perhaps easier to attain than other high-end product which makes it connect to the universalism aspect that the perfume is made for everyone. According to Scent bird States that “emotionally stable and introverted women are more inclined to choose strong floral oriental perfumes, like Viva La Juicy.” This means these women are bursting with ideas and are very creative, but their ambition can be quite exhausting. They are charismatic; however, they do not seek the approval of others to feel complete. Nor do they want attention drawn to them so buy them choosing a perfume such as this it signifies the type of person they can be with this perfume and by the perfume having a design that is simple, elegant, and transparent, allowing focus to shift the expensive nature of perfumes to be available to everyone. A final semiotic advertisement that I came across in the magazine was Pink Collection by Moisturizer Extreme Lips Balm”, “Moisture Extreme Lip Balm”, and “Revitalizing Color Moisturizer”. The headline in the advertisement is a signifier “Leep So Deeply Moisturized”, signifying the benefit of this product. It means when a woman uses this lip balm moisturizer product, her lips will be moisture deeply by the lipstick’s moisturizer. Also, Maybe Pink Collection is signifying to give suggestion to the woman to use the product and that Pink Collection is a cosmetic brand which is dedicated and exist for woman. Another signifier that is shown within this advertisement is the body copy in advertisement saying; “Now the Summer Colors Come Alive”, “Feel the Different, Deeply Moisturizing Power of Lip Balm”, “Lips look moisturized, blissfully smooth so color come alive: pink blossom, soft plums pop”, “PROTECTS WITH SPF 15. NON- FEATHERING TECHNOLOGY”. The signature line is signifying “New Petal Pink Collection by Moisture Extreme” by signifying the brand name of the product produced by company. “Pink Collection” signifies the name of the company producing the new brand lipstick by moisture extreme. The slogan in this advertisement is signifier “Maybe She Born With it, product. The pink color is used to show the affection. The red color is used to show the excitement. A third signifier found is Zhang Ziyi the model wearing Moisture Extreme Anemone shade 114. It is signified by connecting to the universalism aspect to appeal to every women, by the advertisement doing this informing that the name of the model and the result of the variant color when it is applied to our lips. The Most Voluptuous Naturals” that this product is the greatest lipstick product which can give a physical pleasure to the consumer when she uses this product. A signifier “Deep, Nourishing Moisture”, “Never look ashy or chalky” signifies that this product can make the lips nourished in deep and the result does not cause the users look pale.

It is clear that in today’s world whenever you read a magazine it’s a must it always has an advertisement involved within it creating an excitement and awareness of the company products or services in the minds of potential consumers. According to Lis McQuerrey from an article she wrote about the purpose of advertisement says, “Solicitation a common perception of advertising which is related to solicitation or encouraging consumers to purchase the goods and services of a company or organization.” By her saying this it is showing that today advertising can be found in the form of print advertisements in many things such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, telephone directories, fliers, and mailers, or in electronic media such as the Internet, radio, and television. Also, the way advertisements today have a typical way of either promoting a particular product or service, introducing a new offering, or promoting a sale or upcoming event. So far As I’ve have read this magazine I have come to consideration that it isn’t a magazine to encouraging consumers to purchase the goods and services of a company or organization, it involves more things which is meant to target audience such as women as a means to satisfy their desires to learn about sex through articles provided in the magazine, fashion ideas, and beauty consisting of makeup advertisements while continuing to subliminally reinforce the contrasting notion that women are flawed individuals and must change themselves to be more readily accepted by men and the rest of society. If I was ever told to recommend a specific magazine to other people specifically women I would definitely choose this magazine because the magazine boasts catchy headlines, celebrities featured on their covers, and covering a multitude of subjects relating to the lifestyle of modern women. Another thing to add also can be the way the magazine tend to contain advertisement strategies such as populism which makes the reader want to fit in with advertisements that can catch the attention of common people and make them interested in a specific advertisement and make the consumer think that the product which they see in the ad is good for them and that they can afford it by making it seem less expensive.