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Romance is one of the genres in Fiction literature, which is identical with the rapture of love affairs. Romance is not just stars by a female but that it’s organizing action of the development of a love relationship, usually between a man and a woman (Cawelti, 1976). The story of the relationship between the woman and the man into the consumption of the imagination of lovers of the Romance genre is it in the form of stories, books, songs and movies.

The rapture of romance in every Romance genre indeed has a different story line or narrative structure. A Novel, for instance, have a popular type of romance called gothic romance or gothic contemporary that uses elements of adventure or mystery to create a state that meets hero and heroine, where its effort to overcome all kinds of obstacles between the two is a proof of how great their love (Adi, 2016). In addition, Cawelty (1976) reveals that there are also three kinds of narrative structures or formulas in popular romance stories: 1) Cinderella 2) Pamela 3) and Contemporary. As for, one of the favorite formulas is a romance story that tells of a poor girl who falls in love with a rich man or comes from a noble class, this formula is commonly referred as Cinderella Formula (Cawelti, 1976).

One of the works of Romance that used Cinderella Formula as a plot story is film Pretty Woman directed by Garry Marshall with author J.F Lawton. The film released in Canada and USA at 1990, starring by Julia Robert and Richard Gere. In the time, this film is very popular and got many awards such as from BMI Film Music Award for James Newton Howard and Most Performed Song from a Film for the song "It Must Have Been Love", Golden Globe for Best Performance by an actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy / Musical, Golden Screen, Golden Screen with 1 Star, Blimp Award, People’s Choice Award for Favorite comedy Motion Picture (Purwati, 2010).

The film tells about a poor woman working as a prostitute named Vivian Ward who met a rich man named Edward Lewis. Vivian is described as a woman who is forced to become a prostitute in order to afford her life. Then, he accidentally meeting with Edward changed her life. Edward's offer of Vivian to spend a week with him for $ 3,000 gives her new experiences. During their togetherness, they both become mutually attracted to each other (Marshall, 1990).

As mentioned above, that her encounter with Edward made Vivian discover new experiences. Together with Edward, Vivian had the opportunity to be able to stay in the luxurious Hotel, shop for expensive clothes, and change her appearance to be classier and look like a noble lady and go to place where she had never been before. The changes to her daily life, reminiscent of a famous fairy tale’s Cinderella. However, the Stories of love and life of Vivian, in outline has the same main point with the fairy tale: through the love and help of a man of higher position, a girl of lower status moves up to join the man at his level (Wuming). Furthermore, both Vivian and Cinderella experienced a change in their life after met with the man and the prince.

B. Question

Based on the background, the authors formulate the problems to be discussed in this paper is about the use of Narrative structure of Cinderella Formula in film Pretty Woman directed by Garry Marshall.

C. Research Method

The method of structuralism has definition to concern toward analyze the element of literary work. According to Pradopo, a concept of Structural theory is autonomous structure of literary work which can be understood as an entity with element of the work (Jabrohim, 2003). Thus, this research will apply this Structural theory to analyze the structure of Cinderella formula which used in popular literature of film Pretty Woman.