Main Characters Ralph

“Laws are made not to be broken.They are made to curb our savagery.” ― Toba Beta. Lord of the flies is written by William Golding and is about a young group of boys who are stranded ona island. The young group of boys face many problems while being stranded on the island, which results in many arguments between the boys. Unrestrained power corrupts a society makes itselfprominent throughout the entire novel through conflict. Conflict makes itself known through the two main characters Ralph and Jack. Ralph is the chief of the “civilized” group and Jack is the chief of the “savage” group. Golding reveals the unrestrained power through the growing tensions between Jack and Ralph.

The first moment of unrestrained power is when Jack and his hunters decide to let the signal fire go out right before a ship passes by which allows them to miss the chance of getting rescued. Another key moment is when Jack decides to hit Piggy for the first time.”He took a step, and able at last to hit someone, struck his fist into Piggys stomach”(100,14). This moment starts to reveal between Jacks civilized and savage side, whereas Ralph tries to suppress his anger and not create more conflict.”Unwillingly Ralph felt his lips twitch; he was angry with himself for giving way”(101,12) This text shows Ralph's attempts to hide his desire to hurt Jack. If there was no conflict between Jack and Ralph the boys on the island would be saved because the fire would still be ablaze giving off a smoke signal.

Another moment with conflict would be when Jack decides to leave the “civilized” group to make a group of his own called the “savage” group. This is an important moment between Jack and Ralph because the conflict between them has changed from verbal disagreements to an actual divide between civilization and savagery.The tensions grow even more when both boys start to think of each other as inferior which creates an even bigger rivalry, then the boys get into a verbal disagreement that goes as,”The two boys glared at each other through screens of hair”(181,20). Ralph then proceeds to say “The best thing we can do is get ourselves rescued”(73,22) Where as Jack insists that hunting is just as important. Jack then shows his unwillingness to cooperate with Ralph by saying, “I’m not going to be a part of Ralph’s lot-”(183,6) this shows that Jack is starting to become more savage because he is prioritizing hunting for food more than being saved.

One of the final moments with conflict is when jack and his group have left to go to castle rock and have stolen Piggy’s glasses from the civilized group in order to cook food and make fires.This is an important moment because it shows the boys acting out like savages and animals. “Then there was a vicious snarling in the mouth of the shelter and the plunge and thump of living things”(240,8). This event of the savage boys raiding the civilized camp reveals their greed and how they have become true savages because they have resorted to theft. This shows a major difference between savage and the civilized, if it were Piggy and Ralph in this situation they would have asked for the glasses back rather than resorting to stealing.