Machine Many Metaphoric Elements

Modernity,is the moving away from the era and belief and reliance on the gods for answers tomoving more so towards an era that turnsscientific and reliance on man.There are many related elements that are correlated to modernism such as individualism,secularism, scientific revolution, empiricism, natural law, classical liberalism, reason/rationality, egalitarianism, democracy, industrialization,capitalist.Considering these elements modern values, With the evolution of science it has been noted that humans obsession with technology is a result of the scientific revolution. As noted inThe Industrial Revolution and the Limits of Rationalism (and Liberalism): Roots and Early Reactions “Novelist Mary Shelley wife of Percy, and daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft, authored Frankenstein, a novel written as a bit of an indictment of the obsessive Enlightenment era pursuit of rational truth and the Industrial era’s obsessive pursuit of advanced technology”. In Fritz Lang’s Metropolis their are many elements of modernism that are brought to focus. For example in the scene with the machine many metaphoric elements to the advancement of technology are present and seemingly reaffirm the industrial era’s obsessive pursuit of advanced technology that they seemingly lose touch with their own human nature. In Metropolis we are shown this massive machine responsible for powering the futuristic city Metropolis seemingly represents the advancements in technology as we shown on the surface its workers unisonly moving with the machine in perfect order as their body moves in perfect order with the machine as if they are a part of the machine or at one with the machine as they work together implying that they are both significant in order to function this machine. Then suddenly we are shown steam rising from the many pipes around the machine seemingly to imply that the machine is breathingas one of the worker’s begin to struggle at a center console thrashing about unable to control the machine, he seems at another loss arbitrarypressing buttons, and turning dials indicating that man may have created this machine, however he is unable to control it. The situation becomes dire and we see the worker hanging from the console as though he is clinging for dear life, the temperature gage rises rapidly the music crescendos, the steam intensifies and the other workers begin to move their bodies more and more feverishly presumably showing what humans have become in the wake of the industrial revolution as we become more and more obsessed with technology we lose touch of our own human nature. The machine then turns into a monster as we are shown bodies flung inhumanly from the machine after chewing off select flesh chunks, the machine violently spits out the disagreeable chunks these are body’s in conflict with themselves as they kick and scream seemingly in acknowledgement of a diminishing humanity. Then we see the machine as a gigantic monster, the gears of the machine turn into teeth and we see men pulled up steps like slaves fed into this machine turned monster.