Relationship Which Vivian

D. Analysis

Cinderella Formula is a narrative structure that refers to the Cinderella’s fairy tale. As known, Cinderella's fairy tale is the story of a woman living in the hardships and pressures of her family, who meet and be married by a prince. Generally, the Cinderella story serves the patriarchal purpose of keeping women in a passive and subordinate position, while at the same time offers the possibility of effort-based upward social mobility, traditionally reserved for males, to encourage the heroine’s hope and desire for personal betterment across class lines (Wuming).

This enchanted realm of the wonder tale Cinderella has been gazed upon quite often by novelists, short-story authors, by poets, and even writers of the wanderings in wonderland. Among the contemporary authors, Bobby (2009) said they have also stretched the tales, giving them a modern, feminist appearance by revealing the texts were imbued (Cheira, 2014). Since the society give good responded to the wonder tale of Cinderella, the popular literature of film became increasingly popular with the number of films that lifted the storyline concept from Cinderella's fairy tales. The popular movie of Pretty Woman in 1990, for instance, has a Cinderella concept story packed with a modern story.

This story begins when Edward Lewis has trouble driving his borrowed car, and then Vivian Ward who is a prostitute walks over and makes an accord for direction to help out Edward Lewis. After delivering Edward to Hotel where he stays, Vivian got offers by Edward for the night. Accidentally, Edward's has a plan for his business to keep the meeting social going well by bringing a date, and decided to hires Vivian to spend the week with him with offering to pay her for $ 3000. During Vivian works as Edward's employee, she does a lot of new things and gets new experiences from it. Her new activities are very different with her activities as hooker. She goes for shopping, wearing good clothes, and learning about table manner from Bernard, attending higher social activities like polo games, and watching opera. During their togetherness, they are falling in love with each other (Marshall, 1990).

Romantic love story between Edward and Vivian is not denied that almost every woman dreams of it. Like fairy tales, women want a man who can take her out from obstacle of her life. Vivian who was originally a prostitute, as expressed in her dialogue with Kit de Luca:

The dialogue above is when they are waiting for customers to come to them. Vivian Until finally came a luxury car that stopped in front of them., Kit suggests Vivian to go to the man in the luxury car by asking for more than a hundred. On one of her dialogue, Vivian states the reason why she chooses the profession as a prostitute.

In Accordance with that disclosed by (Wuming) that there is patriarchy in the story of Cinderella who tells that character of woman is someone who in subordinate situation. Vivian works as a prostitute solely because of his economic circumstances. The jobs she used to do cannot meet her needs, she cannot even have a loan, that's why she decided to go through the profession.

Vivian met for the first time with Edward when he needs a help. Although Edward initially refused to pay Vivian for five Bucks to show the direction, in the end Edward accepted the offer of Vivian to deliver him directly to the Beverly Hills and pay her. However, instead of just delivering and being paid for services, Vivian asked by Edward to accompany him to the Hotel.

Finally, Vivian was entered into a luxury hotel where only the rich and aristocratic people who stay there. While inside the penthouse which Edward hired, Vivian initially offered Edward what she should do, but Edward refused and chose to invite Vivian to talk about everything and get to know each other. Then, Edward offered $ 300 to stay with her for one night.

Furthermore, for business reasons, Edward offered Vivian to stay with him for a whole week for $ 3,000 and Vivian agreed. Then, the days went different for Vivian. In addition to staying in luxury hotels, Vivian also received a good treatment from Edward. Vivian invited by Edward to accompany him to one of the elegant restaurants to meet his business associates. Because of that, Vivian would have to behave and look according to Edward's level. Therefore, Edward kindly gives Vivian the opportunity to be able to change her appearance to be elegant. Certainly, with Edward's credit card in her hand, Vivian spends money to shopping expensive and good clothes. In addition, Vivian also had the opportunity to be able to learn how to behave and learn about ethics with manager hotel named Barney for dinner at the restaurant later.

Besides that, Edward also invited Vivian to the place to see the racing horse. There is a place where the aristocrats gather and talk about their big businesses. However, Edward says very rarely ordinary people come to that place. Similarly with these aristocratic people who rarely visit places like Hollywood Blvd which is the place where Vivian lives.

Their relationship is improving. Edward begins to pay more attention to Vivian, and invites him to date, even giving him an expensive gift. Edward took Vivian to San Francisco to watch Opera which is the first time for Vivian board the plane.

Also, the first time for Vivian can see the Opera show.

Finally, their relationship is getting closer. Later, Vivian realizes that she is beginning to fall in love and open her heart to Edward. That is can be known because, at first Vivian never kissed anyone for his job,

However, Vivian broke into what her job rules were; she kissed Edward while Edward was asleep. That means Vivian has been carried emotional in her work by involving her personal feelings. Anyway, Edward has not realized Vivian's feelings and keeps running on his deal on the relationship with Vivian. In fact, Edward said that the relationship which Vivian wanted was impossible.

Further, after Vivian leaving, Edward feels lost. On his way to the airport to return to New York, Edward decides to go to buy a bouquet of flowers and go meet Vivian. Edward realizes that his feelings for Vivian are not limited to just a deal. Then, finally, what Vivian wants is achieved. Edward came to her and made her dreams come true.

Vivian who was originally only a person who was forced to choose a profession as a prostitute to finance his life, then turned into a lady because of a man who loves and took him out of his life. The way of life told in this Pretty Woman, through Vivian, is largely a story by using the Cinderella formula. Cinderella in Cinderella's fairy tale is life under the torture of her mother and stepsister, changed and lived happily after meeting her prince. Neither was Vivian, experiencing a change of life after meeting Edward who brings happiness and a new world to her.