Negative Feelings

Rumi’s poem conveys an idea that a human being is like a guesthouse, and all types of emotions negative, and positive should be welcome, and honored. In the film, “The Babadook” the main character Amelia, and her son Samuel are being tormented by a dark monster called the Babadook. The Babadook portrays the feeling of malevolence, and despair that is let into the house, by Amelia’s mental state of depression. At the beginning of the film, Amelia neglects her emotions no matter how horrible she is feeling. At the end of the film, she finally confronts her inner demons. Hence, the film both contradicts, and support Rumi’s poem.

Amelia suffered a tragic car accident when she was going in labor. Due to the accident, she lost her husband Oscar. Amelia blames her child for the death of her husband. Amelia's thinks that her husband would still be alive, and with her if Samuel was not born. Amelia witness her husband dying by her side after the accident happens on their way to the hospital.She remained traumatized, and lives with sorrow for seven years after the passing of her husband.

Amelia loves her son Samuel. However, she shows resentment towards him. Amelia is experiencing a psychological condition, after the death of her husband that triggered her from seeing, or experiencing the car accident. Symptoms are flashbacks, awful dreams, and anxiety. She is falling behind at work, and her family neglects her. Amelia removes Samuel from school, because the teachers want to isolate him from other students to monitor him due his misconduct. Amelia thinks keeping Samuel at home will guard them two.

Samuel suffers from high anxiety, because he thinks his mother is in danger. Due to his unbearable behavior, their family members don’t want to be around them. She seeks help from a doctor, and asks him for medication that can keep Samuel sedated. She felt like a disappointment, since her family abandoned her.Amelia was going through a lot of emotional problems, and instead of facing them, she would neglect it. The Babadook got stronger after she burn the book. When it appears on her door step, she took it in the house, and read “I’ll wager with you, I’ll make you a bet the more you deny, the stronger I get” After she flips the page, there is an image of her choking the dog and son. Then she cuts her own throat with a knife. Amelia carries so much emotional distress for years, and it difficult to cope with her husband’s death. Her negligence and difficulty to cope makes the Babadook stronger.

Samuel is the only character that knows that the monster is coming, and that it exist. Samuel tells his mom in the car “don’t let it in” when referring to the Babadook.The son is aware that this monster is controlled by his mother. Amelia does not have control of her emotions. When the neighbor mentions to Amelia that Samuel is just like Oscar, and he likes to speak his mind. Amelia says “don’t talk about him” in an angry manner.She allows her suffering to control her. For instance, when she was in her niece’s birthday party, one of the guests spoke about working with disadvantage women who lost their husbands. Amelia answered her in a defensive manner which made the environment awkward. Amelia’s sister Clair, clearly tells Amelia “as soon as someone mentions Oscar, you can’t cope, it’s going to be 7years, isn’t time you moved on.” Amelia responds by saying “I have moved on by not mentioning, nor talking about him.” This demonstrates that she did not move on, and cannot cope. She is not facing her true feelings. Rumi poem states “welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably.” Amelia is doing the opposite, and that is why she is having difficulty coping with her husband’s death. In addition, she neglects the fact that she holds anger towards her son, and don’t want to be near him. Claire tells Amelia “I can’t stand being around your son, and you don’t either.” This causes Amelia to become more depressed, and angry at the situation.

When Amelia was processed by the Babadook, she finally allowed negative emotions of meanness, dark thoughts, and malice in to her being, just like Rumi suggested in the poem. While processed, she said to Samuel, “I wish it was you that died, and not him.” The truth that she had hidden in her psyche was exposed.When Amelia was choking Samuel, he said to his mom that he love her forever. She even admits to Samuel that she is sick, and needs help. Amelia envisioned herself being the ideal mother during Samuel's seventh birthday celebration. She could have killed herself to not feel the pain, but she realized not to do it, because of her son. If Amelia could have seen the doctor earlier for medical treatment, the Babadook may have never existed.

Toward the end of the film, Samuel and Amelia overcome the fight against their grief. The Babadook is secured, and locked away in the basement of their home, which represents that Amelia gained control of her emotions. The Babadook's comprehension of human grief, and the death of the family member isn't something you can totally forget easily, yet it is something that you can keep away from taking control of your life. The darkness of a person life is when they are kept in the dark, and not aware of it. Huge numbers of these parts are managing individual’s life, emotions, beliefs, and actions. When we are in the middle of circumstances, and life takes everything, and appears to go to pieces, it is difficult to comprehend everything. The pain and hatred can be serious, bringing in depression, resentment, anger, and guilt.We feel hatred in the event that we feel bad, because of someone else, and we blame him/her for the pain they have caused us. Sometimes we blame ourselves for the guilt of how terrible of a person we think we are. So we judge others or ourselves, responding unaware of it.

It is okay to feel hatred, resentment, shame, guilt, and anger. There is nothing wrong to recognize, and concede our wrong-doings to others, and offering some kind of peace offering, since we have harmed someone else on account of our wrong actions. There are ways on how to have a healthy life, and accepting a smooth life without negative emotions. It encourages us to put light into things we had a suppressed. It will continue to happen, to become more serious and bad if we continue holding on to hatred or anger with guilt, and shame to ourselves, to the point that we lose our healthy self-esteem, which is what occur with Amelia in the film. When she acknowledged, and took action by yelling “you are trespassing, this is my house.” She was able to defeat Babadook. According to Rumi, one must treat the “guest honorably, he may be clearing you out for some new delight.” Amelia was cleared out of her suffering. Although, it was not completely gone, she was able to control her dark personality, be a good mother, actually be able to celebrate Samuel Birthday on the exact day, and talk about Oscar without getting upset. She is finally able to cope with his death.

“Is it possible to heal psychological wounds or our shadows aspects?” How frequently have you been hurt? The psychological wound is something you need to figure out how to recover from, however, it's difficult because the pain remains with you for the longest time. Some emotional wounds tend more profoundly than others. Some vanish easily, however, others leave a scar that never completely recuperates. Sometimes you think your life would be so much better than you never suffered if nobody had ever hurt you. However, what you don't understand this is a piece of how you learn throughout everyday life. It's what changes you, transforms you, and develop as a person. Experiencing from emotional wounds is a piece of realizing your identity. At first it's hard, however, you need to figure out how to recuperate them so as to look toward your future with good faith. To heal the wounds is possible by recuperating, and recognizing that there's a main problem going on, that we can control, or fix without anyone else, with our own will. Regardless of whether it is a big problem, or we initially recognize the reason behind of the issue. When we acknowledge the problem, and begin to handle it. We will see a few things that are not encouraging or unpleasant. We'll see things in a different way from what we think about ourselves.

When we can't let go of resentment and continue the anger, and blaming everything the other person is doing and has done wrong, blaming at him/her for our anger and hatred, at that point this issue identifies more with our childhood life experience which is coming to surface. It identifies from past wound, or past relationships that we haven't completely forgot, and not ready to let go. The same goes in the event that we continue diminishing ourselves with blame and guilt, influencing ourselves to feel useless. It identifies with our inner child that is conveying wounds we haven't made conscious yet. In that sense, negative feelings about ourselves or others can lead us to become worse from falling apart where we suffer unconsciously. But if we can see the triggers and reflect how this identifies with our childhood wounds, without anticipating them into the present and think about things personally, at that point we can utilize these negative feelings to suffer consciously so as to break them down and not respond mechanically, but rather react with sympathy and compassion towards ourselves as well as other people. It's like addressing, handling and settling without blaming.

The thing that can happen after you have encountered an emotional wound is to enable the fear to take control. Fear is a natural feeling, however, it isn't something that you should let manage every single other emotion. It is imperative that you proceed onward from the fear that you face and hold on to other emotions to pull you through. You need to ensure that you are doing your best to heal your wounds to move on, and to not enable these wounds to become worse. You are not letting people control your own happiness. Be delicate with yourself, look for help, support and assistance and set aside the opportunity to analyze some information about yourself on the situation. When you embrace your own particular journey, your life will be fine moving on to a beautiful life and motivate or inspire other people surrounding you.