Your House Your Clean

Fahrenheit 451

Have you ever heard of a society where firemen burned and dispensed of any literature they could find? In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury the firemen were known to start fires not stop them. “It’ was a pleasure to burn” (Bradbury, 1) said Montag, the main character of 451. The firemen loved to burn they liked to see the books being eaten changed and burned. “Monday burn Millay, Wednesday burn Whitman, Friday Faulkner, burn em to ashes then burn the ashes that's our official slogan” (Bradbury, 6) said montag.

In the beginning Montag loved his job he loved being a fireman he loved to watch the books that he burned go up in flames. He loved the smell of kerosene .” Kerosene, he said, because the silenced had lengthened, is nothing but perfume to me.” (Bradbury,4) said montag.

Being a fireman meant nothing other than burning history montag just saw it as a job he never looked at it in a way that would change his mind he was only doing what he thought was best for him and his wife. Until he met this girl Clarisse McClellan and that turns his life upside down.

Clarisse McClellan becomes a big part of montag's life. “Her face was slender and milk-white, and in it was a kind or gentle hunger that touched over everything with a tireless curiosity”. (Bradbury, 3) this is how montag describes Clarisse. Clarisse influence montag in a way no one else could. She looked at the world in a way no one else did and for that she was considered antisocial. Clarisse takes her time to appreciate the little things she slows down to see what's around her and she really listens. She looks at everything in a way that no could look at everyone is sheltered from the history because the firemen and the government have taught them that is is wrong to read. It's against the law to even have a book in your house the firemen will go to your house and burn every single book you had.

In this book the kids who go to school don't even read they have an hour of t.v class.And in this book if your not like each other you're an outcast. People have grown up in a government where they were taught to all be the same. Clarisse doesn't feel that she fits in she doesn't think that being at school is being social. At this point in the book montag is getting close to Clarisse shes changing his outlook on life she's changing him. She is changing him for the best.

Montag being the firemen he still had to do his duty of a firemen. There was a call that led them to this woman's house. And this experience changed the way he looks at books. The old lady's house that they have arrived at she is an older women. In the house montag sees a book and grabs it. “Montag's hand closed like a mouth, crushed the book with wild devotion, with an insanity of mindlessness to his chest.” (Bradbury, 34). They pump the kerosene on the pile of books to watch them burn but there plan didn’t go as planned. “You can't ever have my books” said the old women (bradbury,35) after this the women to a match and lit the books on fire and burned herself with her books. If she couldn't have them no one could. After this montag thought to himself if the old woman killed herself over the books then there must be some real value in them.

Montag saw the value in books he thought if the women would end her life because of books there has to be something important in them. After a while montag would steal a book one by one. He was starting to get more in more into books this where Fabor comes in. Fabor helps montag understand what he is reading and they plan on making copies of books to hide so they have them. The firemen are starting to catch onto montag and whats hes doing. They start to send the mechanical hound around montag's house.

Beatty his boss gets an alarm and doesn't tell anyone and he is driving and he usually never dose. “Montag looked up. Beatty never drove, but he was driving tonight, slamming the salamander around corners, leaning forward high on the drivers throne, his massive black sticker flapping out behind so that he seemed a great black bat flying above the engine, over the brass numbers, taking the full wind”. (Bradbury, 106) they end up pulling up to montag's house.

“Why said montag slowly, we've stopped in front of my house”. Montag was confused why they were in front of his house. “Didn't I hint enough when i sent the hound around your place?” said Beatty Montag's boss. Beatty makes montag burn the books he said it's his mess he cleans it up. “I want you to do this job all on your lonesome, montag. Not with kerosene and a match, but picework, with a flamethrower. Your house your clean up” says beatty (Bradbury, 109).

They live in a world where everyone has to be the same and if you're not the same you don't belong.people grow up to learn that books are bad and that they should rely on t.v because it wont hurt them. Living like that back then is kinda how we live now we don't listen to what we don't want to listen to. We shut things out that we don't want to believe. We grow up and we know what are parent teach us. We live in a world where we are still sheltered from the truth we just don't know it.