Creatures Original Character

Through the allusions to the bible, the creature finds similarities with Adam, causing him to want Victor to create a companion such as Eve. Adam, as well as the creature, was created through supernatural ways of creating life. The monsters similarity to Adam shows that similar to humans created thousands of years ago, the creature created through a scientific revolution does not differ in his feelings from common people. Frankenstein's scientific revolution causes the creature to be something ordinary on earth. He states, “Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change” (Shelley 142). The creature starts to question himself whether it would ever be able to be accepted by humans after it realized that….. While the monster reads “Paradise Lost” it is able to put himself in the position of Adam, realizing he can develop feelings similar to common humans, as the yearning for a companion. It also gets known to the thought of living in a paradise as it was planned for Adam and Eve as they were the first of their kind on earth. The creature also portrays himself as similar to Adam as it remarks "I ought to be thy Adam” (page number). in order to show Victor his longing to be Victor’s favorite as Adam was God’s favorite.

The creature is not born evil, but his experiences shape him to develop into a monster. The creature begins with the mind of a newborn, but as time passes by, it starts to develop more and more human characteristics as well as feelings, that cause him later in the novel to turn into a monster. At the beginning of the novel, the creature is described as “ …. (quote for childlike)” (page number). This shows that he does not know anything about the world and seems like a normal human being, yearning to be loved and to give love. The creature’s goal is to survive in the woods and to find a family to live with. It strives for the possibility to share its life with someone else. He struggled to accept that he is different than humans he observes during the day. After the creature realizes that he is doing harm to the family by eating their food, he helps in another way, which showed that the creatures original character was helpful as well as understanding. In this part of the book, the creature is described as a “creature” being a part of a scientific lab which did not turn out as well as it was expected to. Yet, at the end of the book, the creature learns that he is not appreciated even if it helps humans. His new gained knowledge leads the monster to develop a human feeling of revenge which caused the creature to turn into a monster. After he gets rejected everywhere, the creature realizes that Victor is the only person he could form a special bond with. From revenge driven the monster faced his fear to be abandoned by Victor by extorting him to create a female monster in order to find love. As the novel goes on the monster is not described as in the beginning. It is now described as a monster as well as a daemon reflecting the shifting representation of the monster. The creature is proved correct in the fact that Victor has a special relationship with him because as Victor refers to the creature as a daemon, he connects himself with the creature instead of creating distance between the two of them based on the definition of a daemon, a malevolent being haunting the person it refers to, here Victor.