Victor Frankenstein

In the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelly tries to notify people not to play role of God, because in the end someone will get hurt. The main character in this novel, Victor Frankenstein, acts like a God by creating a living creature. The creature he creates later on destroys him and the people he loved. The author uses irony i show the affect of using science the wrong way. Because of his fallibility like, rejecting his creation and arrogance, it created problems for him and others around him.

The story of Frankenstein is about how the doctor shows excessive pride on creating life that causes destruction of one's self or others. Victor wants to become God. "A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me." ( Shelly, 42). This means that he wanted the fame that people would give him after his creation. In a way, this made him feel powerful. He wanted someone to respect and worship him, so that is why he created a monster. This quote shows that his ambitious about his creation and wants glory. Frankenstein wanted to create something that is considered even up to now beyond impossible and supernatural. Frankenstein wanted to cheat death by brining death creature back to life. This results a problem because right when the monster wakes, Victor realizes how ugly he is. By then, Victor becomes ill because on how hideous the monster is. " But I was in reality ill; and surely nothing but the unbounded and unremitting attentions of my friend could have restored to life....." (Shelly,). This means he had no respect for creation nor life. He neglected the monster all because he was ugly. This shows how arrogant Frankenstein was. By rejecting his creation, it symbolically represented an abandonment of his own mankind. As the maker, Frankenstein had theduty to supervise his creation, to teach it and look after it.Since he didn't do this, he let the monsterget out of control.

Victor is responsible for the monsters action because he abandoned his creation. He was trying to play God, when he created the creature, and that is something he shouldn't have done, because humans can't become too powerful, even though they they try. Victor became so obsessed with creating life, that it clouded his judgment, and took up all of his time and energy. He wanted everything to be so perfect that he cared about his looks, he didn’t get to know the monster what so ever. He also knew that this was against his nature to create life. He wanted to be praised but his actions has consequences. Victor Frankenstein had a little brother who he beloved was murdered by his monster. This was done because he was lonely and upset on how Victor didn’t want anything to do with the monster. “You are all mistaken; I know the murderer. Justine, poor, good Justine, is innocent.” ( Shelly, 62). This means that he knew who had murdered his brother but he didn’t want to say anything. In a way, it made him feel guilty about his creation and he didn’t want anyone to know about it. This shows that he doesn’t own up to his mistakes, nor tries to fix it.

Later on the monster and Victor come to an agreement on him making him a friend. All he wanted was a friend to keep him company because he had no friends or family. He just want to be loved and cared for. He asked him for girl to make. “ “The monster would depart forever.” (Shelly, 142).He wanted to get rid of the monster so bad but he didn’t forgive him so he made him a girl and then threw her overboard. This shows how arrogant he is and it made the monster even more angry. He then throws himself into his schoolwork, reading all he can about the sciences, mostly about chemistry. He becomes ones again obsessed with dead people and tries to overcome what he did to the monster. This is why he is the real villain of the story. He abandoned his creation and that was seen as a symbol because of his past life. This novel was monster about loneliness. Both the monster and Frankenstein are alone because he didn’t accept him the way he was.Victor also isolated himself from the world by studying all the time. This resulted in him later on getting sick on the boat and eventually die.

In conclusion, Victor Frankenstein is at fault for the creation of the monster, which was rejected later on. Victor ended up over the top in his work, however when his creation was finished he completely rejectedit making the monster lead an existence of isolation. The monster also attempts to seek acceptance from society but, fails.