Numerous Different Fields

The author starts with the line that Solitude is out of fashion. We now work in teams and its all about collaborating in this new era. The vast majority of people these days support the idea of coordinated effort and demoralize the concept of solitude. The problems which arises here is that

People tend to be more creative when they get privacy and freedom. According to studies most creative people are introvert in nature. They tend to exchange ideas with others but prefer to work individually and not in teams. Solitude is a catalyst to innovation.(

solitude has been related with creativity. Picasso one said that: "Without great solitude, no serious work is possible" and various examples has been used for it like Buddha who goes off alone and comes back with significant bits of knowledge.

If we consider the example of apple. Steve Wozniak worked on his development. He wanted to create user friendly computers. Mr. Wozniak was motivated and he started working on his computer. In three months, he disclosed his astounding creation to his companion, Steve Jobs. And ended up becoming the co founder of Apple computers.

The origin of Apple is the result of a joint venture. Wozniak would have not been able to start it without Steve Jobs. Although it was the account of his solo spirit which made him create something from nothing but the overall success was because of Jobs. So this case demonstrates the energy of both coordinated effort and solitude.

Even schools have adapted the groupthink idea.They have started teaching subjects like math and creative writing as group projects. Collaboration is pervasiveness among working environments, schools, and religious establishments where individuals can exchange their thoughts and develop connections.

Solitude helps in learning. According to studies the most ideal approach to ace a field is to work on the part which demands the more from you and it could be dealt best by doing it alone. Group meetings are the worst ways to empower creativity. While working in group people have the tendency to sit back and wait for others to complete the task and not using their own sight and start copying others.

One of examples on which I would want to talk about is ad of the company prudential which is called –“Prudential: Everybody’s doing it”While some actors in the lift were enacting to turn their back towards the gate. So when people entered the lift they saw these men standing and facing opposite to the lift gate. Even they imitated it and turned their back without using their own brains. This is an example how people follow others to fit in. If we see others doing something we assume that it is for a good reason and we imitate it. So it is suggested that when creativity is the need, capable individuals should be allowed to work alone and not with others.

The issues we look in science, financial matters and numerous different fields are more unpredictable than ever before, and so people depend on each other's shoulders for all the work so team work is important too.

we have to move past the New Groupthink and grasp a more nuanced way to deal with both solitude and collaboration. Our workplaces should encourage people to interact and work in groups but should also provide them private space when required. Similarly schools should instruct youngsters to work with others, but should also provide them personal training on required subjects.

If I talk about my personal experience, in our course we get both individual and group assignments to work on. I find both of them relevant for myself. What I have learned from my individual assignments is to present things creatively and include my own perspectives and opinions in it. While working in teams have helped me develop overall and given me a path to comprehend others view point and a scope of looking at things in a broader outlook. I have gained knowledge from others, working in team gives exposure to different culture, mentalities and has furnished me with a experience on how to work in a team as one entity, thereby respecting and trusting the other group mates.