Princess Bride Goldman Usue

Goldmans narrative may be seen as unnecessary to most readers but in reality it is an integral part of the story. In the book “The Princess Bride” Goldman uses these intrusions to expand and to broaden the story. Firstly these connections help to establish connections with the reader. These connections help to make the reader more emotionally engaged, making the story seem more interesting and personal for the reader. Secondly Goldman develops an underlying theme of the book, that life is not fair. This causes the readers to draw their own conclusions and it gives them something to think about during and after reading. Thus in his book the princess bride goldman usue the voice of a fictional narrator to enhance the story. He does this by developing connections with the reader and developing the theme that life is not fair.

P1: The voice of the fictional narrator creates an engaging story that draws people in by letting them connect to the plot and the framing device. eeee“When I said at the start that I'd never read this book, that's true. My father read it to me”(46) this connects with the reader because almost everyone can remember their parents reading to them when they were little. This connection will help strengthen the link between the book and the reader, making the book seem more personal. Furthermore, the intrusions can help to not just let the reader cement his or her relationship with the book but with the author as well. For example the reader learns of how the little boy feels when he realises that Prince Humperdinck is going to marry Buttercup “I spent the whole night thinking of how buttercup married humperdinck. It just rocked me”(235) Here the readers see how the little boy and thus the author feel about this turn of events, this helps the reader to solidify their connection because in most cases the reader will feel bad for the little boy. This is probably because they also feel the same way ro they can remember a similar time in their life. By creating many strong connections for the readers about storytelling and the emotions behind it Goldman is able to engage the readers and remind them of good times. These links are the ones that enhance the story, elevating it from a fairy tale to a strong story that will likely stay with readers for a long time.


Also during the authorial intrusions Goldman develops a very important theme that might not be discovered when reading. This is that life is not fair. The reader first reads this in page 237 when the author realises that that “Life is not fair, and it never has been, and it's never going to be”(237) as said byEdith Neisser. This is important to the book and what readers think about it because it gives an important theme to the book. It shows that even though it might be a classic tale where good always wins that, that does not always necessarily happen in real life. This is important for the readers because it shows a deeper meaning behind the story and it causes them to think about what other things might have been mentioned in the story. As well Goldman also injects his opinions on other themes. In the following quotation we will see the authors opinion on a very important part of the book, “I really do think that love is the best thing in the world”(358). This is important because it shows what is thought of the book and it influences


In conclusion William Goldman used the voice of a fictional narrator to interest the reader. He did this by creating several strong connections with them and by adding what he thought of the story to the authorial intrusions. Thus Goldman’s voice is a very effective way of hooking the reader, by creating text to self connections about how they were read to as children and about their emotions during the experience. Also the voice helps to give insight on the story causing the reader to think more deeply about this fairy tale. This shows us how even some comments by the author can transform how the reader perceives the story.