What Internal Conflicts

Name: Grayson Fields

Date: 5/21/2018

Graded Assignment

Semester Test, Part 2

Read each question carefully. Answer in the space provided.

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  1. Consider the poems, short stories, and autobiographical pieces you read from the first half of the twentieth century during this semester. How did historical events and realities affect writers who were working during this time? What common threads did you observe in the works of these writers? Cite specific examples from various texts in your response.


In the first half of the twentieth century, writers were heavily influenced by world war.

Writers were also influenced by the Great Depression, and the dissolution of capitalism. This is the reason why many writers write about poor characters, and poor to rich characters, like in the Great Gatsby. There were a few authors that wrote about characters going to Europe. Hemingway is an example of this.

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  1. Consider the poems of the Harlem Renaissance that you read this semester. Why does the theme of freedom play such an important role in these works? How do different poems address this theme? Cite examples and images from three Harlem Renaissance poems in your response.


The theme of freedom plays such an important role, because during this era, freedom has been the mere thought of the people. The factors that leads people in this era has been mistreated and they experience being treated unfairly because of the laws and beliefs in this era. Different poems show different angles, and some do not point out the real issue where it makes the real story being very twisted. Three Harlem Renaissance poets that really stood out to me are Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, and Countee Cullen.

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  1. What internal conflicts do the characters face in The Glass Menagerie? How do these conflicts result in the overall tension that exists in the Wingfield family? Describe how Tom, Laura, and Amanda cope with their conflicts and how their conflicts connect to the play’s theme of reality versus illusion.


One of the internal conflicts that all the characters have is that Tom is confined to the horrors of his life in the family, Laura is living in her private world, and Amanda has unrealistic dreams. These conflicts eventually affect the lives of each characters in concluding that they cannot and will not accept the reality that has been given to them. They put their problem in a solution that creates another problem.

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  1. What do the pieces you read by Richard Rodriguez and Amy Tan illustrate about the immigrant experience in twentieth-century America? How are the children in these works different from their parents? Use specific examples from the text in your response.


As depicted in this piece of work, immigrants faced a lot of problems during 20th century America. In many issues regarding their livelihood, the immigrants were taken out while the lives of the children, in this work is not the same, in a manner that the children was not looked down upon.