Modern Day Politics

Classical literature is a way to understand the ideology of past society.It is important to read because it connects individuals with larger ideas. Most of the classic literature was written in ancient culture which was widely recognized as being a barbarian era where royalty ruled in a parliamentary style or feudalism type of government. Not only did they express what connected them to society, we read this as a way to create thoughts, ideas, and experiences. For example, a play written by the late William Shakespeare titled Macbeth, represented that ambition will eventually take over your moral conscience, as well as greed being something the middle class strived for.A more modern day tale of how greed will take over the consequences of a guilty conscience is a novel written by the late George Orwell titled 1984.

One theme in 1984 that dominates the overall fictional story is totalitarianism. The key point recognized with in the book is ignorance.For example, the main character, Big Brother tries to control the citizens of Oceania by erasing parts of history.Each person belongs to one of the three classes the high, the middle, or the low. Torture, distractions, and surveillance keep Big Brother in control of them to stay within the range of a totalitarianism government.The reason. Orwell based this book off of totalitarianism is to inform the readers that it is a dictatorship that could end up in the hands of the wrong people.

Another theme in 1984 shows the importance of being an individual.The things that make us human are emotions, empathy, and connections.The interesting fact about the novel 1984 is how it came about.Orwell wrote thebook on his deathbed, suffering from tuberculosis. Why would Orwell be writing a novel regarding the dangers society may be facing in the next thirty-six years? Orwell was most likely picking up hints that society was becoming more controlled.

The last theme that directs the main point of the book is the societal influence it has on the people.Big Brother is successful in controlling the reality of the people by what they see, believe, and do. They change the words in the dictionary and lessening them to smaller words or no words at all, in attempt to reduce the vocabulary of the people they are in control of.They edit this part of history and everyday life to their image of perfection, the belief of many people will begin to change due to the propaganda made from the ministries.This makes it successful to execute what people think is the truth by making the beliefs the main source of information within the range that they are able to search for it.

The message in 1984 applies to the modern day twenty-first century for three main reasons, modern day politics, censorship, and the importance of individualism.Modern day politics are exceptionally comparable to the totalitarianism government of 1984 because of the goal for initiating war.Censorship is being designed as a cover-up for protecting the people, however that is not always the case.Placement of cameras, microphones, and other surveillance devices are ways the government is able to see in, comparable to the telescreen in 1984.These topics are constantly showing how important it is to be your own individual self and to take a stand for your rights within your government and as a human being.

Reading classical literature such as 1984 teaches the readers lessons that may apply in modern day society. The importance of reading these stories will connect you to larger truths of the societal ideology behind what life was like then, and what it could potentially be in the future. Throughout his writing he expresses the effects of totalitarianism and how it evolves into a complete dictatorship between the actions of one person upon copious amounts of people.That aspect also follows how they achieve the ability to control the reality and history that has occurred, such as editing history texts, images, and other evidence that there were life events before Big Brother was in control.The novel expressedmany ways that the evolution of totalitarianism is comparable to modern day politics. For example, Oceania was always insisting war with Eastasia and Eurasia and never wanting to come up with a solutions or compromises.This compares to the United States as we always seem to have conflicting situations with North Korea and Russia.To conclude, we read classical literature as a way to understand the ideology of the past society.