Robert Nozick


Plato was a renownedphilosopher in the Classical Greece. He was also the founder of one of the institution of higher education and learning in the Western part of the world. Generally people in all corners of the world view him as iconic and a great person in the development and the general growth of philosophy. Among other great things that Plato did he’s also documented as the innovator and pioneer of the written dialogue and also the dialect forms in philosophy (Macpherson,78).

Aristotle was also an ancient Greece philosopher. He was born in the north of classical Greece in a town called Chslkidiki, Just like Plato Aristotle was also considered as the father of Western philosophy, he was actually a favorite student of Plato and the teacher of Alexander the great.

Robert Nozick was an American philosopher born in Brooklyn and also was once the president of the American philosophical Association. People around the world know him pretty well for his famous book philosophical Explanations. In this book Robert Nozick clearly talked in depths about the theory of knowledge, the state and also anarchy(Macpherson,128).

The State

Plato in his book the Republic he clearly articulates the theory of an ideal state. Here Plato clearly gives guidelines on how to build an ideal commonwealth. He also talks about how to achieve justice in the ideal state and not forgetting who should actually rule this ideal state (Triandis,56).

In his theory Plato finds the state as indeed the most suitable place for discussion about matters like morality compared to an individual in that the element that makes up a city is moreorless the same and actually corresponds to all the fundamental elements that indeed constitutes the individual soul. (Oyserman et al,64) He argued that the justice for the city is actually and should be the same as that of any individual. He believes that the human soul was made up of elements among them being; the appetite of the body, the spirited elements and the last was the reason. Just like the human soul every state also has three parts and these parts were the procedure class, the actual military class and finally the ruling class. Plato stated that nobody is self-dependent a sufficient, this resulted into the creation of the political institution. According to Plato in the early times there existed just a single class, this class was known as the Producing class, as time went by the guardian class emerged and then there came the Ruling class.

Plato also articulates that the state procedure class will definitely consist of only the individuals that to them bodily appetites and the temptations are dominant; it’s these individuals that actually live for money.The procedure class was then found out to be made of the fishermen, the farmer the black smiths. Actually the life of the procedure class was way much cheaper and easy to handle in comparison to those the guardians and the rulers. It’s also indicated that the life of the produce class actually followed the patterns of home and property which were seemed to be completely familiar to property, children, work and even recreation. It was by nature that the producers had money.

In selecting the ruling class this is actually the point where Plato puts more emphasis on, this was supposed to be done in an extremely intellectual but natural capacity and was to be done from all classes. The person to rule this ideal city was to be referred to as the Philosopher kind.

Aristotle in the other hand believed and claimed that all the states that existed were natural and that all the citizens were in a position of getting involved in politics and if they are to preserve their own philosophy on state and also politic as defined in the republic.

Aristotle clearly describes how the state actually came into existence, Aristotle then reached his conclusion by studying and deep consideration of the very and most important human being relationship in their simplest form.

In trying to explain the concept of the state Robert Nozik saw to it that he tries as much as possible to avoid the extremes that already existed about the whole idea of the state. Robert Nozik being a very loyal representative of libertalizmu the vision of the state he initially had about the state actually was to start with ensuring that the human rights of were granted to all the people but not forgotten that it was also to be in its natural appearance state in order to implement these rights fully.

According to him people in their natural state were totally in a state of complete freedom. The only problem with this was intense violation of human rights by individuals that was probably done by all means intentionally. (Scott et al,78). The actual desire of trying as much as possible to restore and revive of individuals rights in private. He also proposed that minimum state should at all cost protect property rights this is actually one of the basic right for every human. Robert Nozik suggested that it’s the private property that usually increases the welfare of the society and this should see to it that resources are handed to individuals who can manage them without any problem. Moreover the private ownership helps in facilitating that risks are allocated efficiently as these risks may at times be cost associated with among other activities that are actually directly involved in it.

It’s also important to note that the presence of these minimum sates was aimed at reducing or even total eradication of the numbers of human rights violation and the general uncertainty in the state of nature.


Individualism is actually an ideology or a social outlook that put all its emphasis on the moral worth of an individual. Individualism advocated on full self-reliance. It’s actually the idea that the life of an individual belongs to him and only he no other second or third parties involved. This individual may choose to life his life as he sees best without interferences from anyone whosoever as long as he does not interfere with others too.Individualism is very tactical and at the same time important too it was actually an idea that was given green lights by a number of philosophers

Under individualism Plato states that indeed human beings are extremely a distance away from their rational in consideration with rationality. (Macpherson andBrough,57). This however does not in trig the leaving out of the fact that at the end all true joy and happiness only lies in rationality. There was a concern however that since not all persons can become rational is this meaning that they would never become any rational at any point in their existence. It’s clear that happiness is in our life and it exists in our dimension for a certain reason this makes it even meaningful that a system based on Platos idea be developed to facilitate the accomplishment of the highest level of rationality among people. There is a loophole is Plato’s idea however since it does not motivate the ordinary people in trying to become more rational. It’s just like a giveaway package that tends to assign each person in the community a place; it even goes further into deciding for that individual what they should believe in these risks the ordinary and common person giving away his life without ever being in a position of making any meaningful decisions in their lifetime

Unlike the others Aristotle clearly singles out the characteristics that each person might possibly exhibit. He however suggests that the personality of a person plays a very crucial role he even goes a head into mentioning cases of friendship that have existed between total hypocrites and even much worse people. He indicates that primarily the personality of the individual is actually the only thing that determines and has a great say on how two persons establish a bond. It’s clear that indeed it’s the individuality of a person that actually results in quite a number of factors that eventually affect personality. He also indicates that psychology also plays a major role in individualism and that it’s the psychological mention that is the most crucial thing in formation of individualism

Robert Nozick was a man who was so influential, His take on individualism was however kind of different from the others but still in some way they were all spearheading a common thing. Robert Nozick was not however able to implement and spearhead individualism to its full potential. He knew that Americans only works bests when its citizens put aside individual self-interest aside and come together to do great things as a nation and not as individuals. He believed that it’s more of heading to the call of sacrifice. What is it that we as a nation are willing to let go for the greater good of a people of this great nation. He also argue that the respect for individuals rights is indeed the most important an key standard in assessing the state and general cause of action. Moreover Mozick ascertains that individual’s kind of possess pre political and also moral rights against some kind of things being put on them.

The type of government I would prefer living in

Personally having considered all their theories I would definitely love to live in the Plato’s type of government. He was a great philosopher and I would definitely heed to his call and believes. He was a great man. He also emphasizes on individualism, in my own opinion I think his kind and way f individualism was way much greater than all the philosophers. His thoughts and ideas about individualism were astonishing. Individualistic type of government where there exists that crucial a very absolute right of every person having total controls n keeping what is actually his own, this sees to it that confiscation of one’s property as a result of the the law is prohibited. Well I know this sounds some kind of weird by I have instilled in myself the art of hard work and I don’t really like it when things are taken away from me despite of all my efforts and hard word in the name of some form of governance or the law (Hayek,45).

Moreover, there are quite a number of reasons why I would opt to live in an individualistic type of government. Most importantly there is the right to private property and this actually grants the citizens the pleasure of working in their own ambitions and as the saying goes that hard work is rewarded.

Secondly in an individualistic form of government there is economic freedom where the government some kind of promotes and also guards the citizens in the middle of crisis and difficulties there are also incentive to invention general improvement and most importantly the establishment of homes.

There is respect for religion in an individualistic type of government since the government believes in the practice of citizen’s religious freedom more so there is also tolerance and respect for other people’s religions (Hayek,67).

Political rights are very crucial for survival the individualistic type of government also protects its citizen’s freedom in that all citizens are assured of equal political rights. Its type of government where each citizen has some voice

Family protection and home protection It’s well known that indeed the fundamental social unit of socialization is actually the family. In the individualistic type of government marriage rights are respects much, it’s not only marriage but also childhood rig.

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