That American Female Cruelty As Hemingway

dominance in a women’s life, which was represented as unusual in the 1800s , since the man held that controlling role in the society.

Leading female character, Margotin “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” by Ernest Hemingway also demonstrates women's important role in the plot of this short story beginning at East Africa, with the hunting of a lion as a symbol of manhood. Margot, is represented as a symbol of not following conventional rules, just as Catherine and Isabelle are also portrayed, she is vicious, predator, gorgeous but her beauty is decorated with that“American female cruelty”as Hemingway calls it. The central focus on these two characters points out the expectations of ideal social roles that must be followed: Macomber needs to be a good husband and brave; Margot, as his wife needs to be lovely and, being a married women, she needs to love her husband as well. However, this is not how they are. Margot is not a good wife as she cheats on Macomber with William, the professional hunter(symbol of a male conventional role) and Macomber himself is a coward. Thus we can say the story and its characters, especially women do not conform with their proper roles in the society.

Furthermore Margot can be considered a wild symbol of a woman; She is not delicate but wildness, courageous and beauty. “Margot was too beautiful for Macomber to divorce her and Macomber had too much money for Margot ever to leave him”, suggesting that Margot’s only married Macomber for his money, and social status, and him to her because of her beauty. This act of being married without being in love with your partner, also goes against the perfect marriage and the norms of the time. Margot being unfaithful to her husband is another act breaking the social values. Marriage which is such a sacred thing that happens once in entire life should be done by a couple loving each other, and strengthening each other whatever happens to them. Margaret and Macombre being married for eleven years, ideally they should have commitment of their marriage, respect and love each other. Yet, this situation doesn’t happen to them because they may think that Marriage is their way to get what they want. Francis needs a beautiful woman, like Margaret to be his “doll” to take his level of society higher, while Margot also needs a kind of man like Francis Macomber, because a rich man is one way to buy everything she wants. So, in completing these conditions they are supposed to be happy being with each other. The author here wants to tell the reader about this social value that a perfect marriage filled by perfect couple having everything does not always end with a happy ending. This is relatable to the story because its end is tragic as the wife, Margot kills her husband, Francis. Hemingway also wants to break the stereotypes: “a marriage always filled by a couple who loves each other”, which is proven when Margot cheats on her husband, meaning she doesn’t love him.

The kind of women, a woman who denies characteristics as fragility and dependence from men is another way women are portrayed in Hemingway’s stories. The characteristic presented is essential on understanding Macomber's murder, a man who does not assume his position may not be accepted by a female. Macomber was not able to kill the lion, the animal that symbolize strength and domination over other animals in the Savanna, making his wife feel ashamed of him. Knowing her husband's cowardly exposes Margot’s superiority, and makes her keep Macomber where she wants. However, the situation changes when the bravery of Francis begins to emerge, which creates an issue for Margot, who loses her power over Macomber, a motif that might have led her kill him. Any yet, it is debatable by many