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1984 Final EssayWar is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. These are the beliefs that the people of Oceania live by in the book “1984” by George Orwell. In this novel Oceania is one of the three remaining world superpowers, is a totalitarian, a society controlled by “Big Brother” and his regime, known as the Ministries of Truth, Love, and Peace. Winston Smith's empowerment and ability to fight against the party lies in the relationship he shares with julia.A resident of the totalitarian Oceania, Winston Smith is presented as a frail and anxious party member who fears for his life and cannot rebel successfully. His physical condition is pathetic and he is quite weak. Winston is a thirty-nine year old party member who works in the ministry of truth fixing historical records. Feeble, skinny and with a varicose ulcer, he has difficulty climbing the stairs to his apartment: “A smallish, frail figure, the meagerness of his body merely emphasizes by the blue overalls.”Winston is described as scrawny, and lonely compared to the Party's leader Big Brother who is supreme and inescapable. In addition to his physical handicaps, Winston troubles are combined with his inability to be confident and fearless in rebellion against the party. Although he secretly buys a diary from a junk shop in the slums owned by a man named Charrington, Winston feels uncomfortable possessing such a suspicious item. When Winston goes to write in the diary, he is purified and not mentally confident because he is unsure of whether he should perform such a dangerous crime. Then he writes the date. Thoughts raced through his mind and he feels vulnerable to the

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Julie Lewis


party “A sense of complete helplessness has descended upon him.” Panic becomes about and he starts writing in his diary. Winston is ready with a little strength to fight back against the Party's control of him. Winston's emotions reach out to the dark- haired girl but he feels she is unattainable and his discouraged and debilitated by his lack of loving relationship. The dark-haired girl appears to be the perfect party member, causing Winston to feel helpless and believes he can have her. During the two minutes hate at the ministry of truth, she throws a book at the screen. He paints a picture of her dedication to the party: “suddenly she picked up a heavy dictionary and flung it at the screen.” Not only this, but she is a member of the Anti-sex league and wearsthe scarlet sash of chastity, disheartening Winston's dream of sleeping with her. Despite Winstons doubts and misery the dark haired girl named Julia. She reveals her love for winston and their relationship empowers Winston emotionally. Julia alters and strengthens Winston's mind by creating a strong bond between them and fulfilling his dreams.Therefore when Winston and Julia are finally caught in their relationship and seized by the Party,he maintains his emotional strength by remaining true to Julia. After being trapped with Julia by The Thought Police in Charrington's room,Winston is taken to the Ministry of Love where the torture he undergoes cannot weaken his devotion to Julia or his passionate mentality. O’brian uses a machine that causes pain to torture and train Winston’s mind to believe what the Party wants him to; Winston even begins to see five fingers even though O’Brian is holding up four because O’Brian tells him two plus two equals five. He thinks that what he considered as true because are now fictitious and imaginary notions: “He remembered remembering contrary things, but those were false memories, produces of self- deception” Despite his intellectual brainwashing, Winston tells O'Brien he is unable to betray Julia proving

his persistent loyalty to her despite the suffering and the pain he undergoes. Eventually, one day he becomes delirious in his cell and dreams of the Golden Country and Julia's presence within him: “ In the moment he has loved her far more than he had ever done when they were together and free” He believes that as long as he loves Julia and remains faithful to her they’ll be good. O’Brian comes to his cell and tells Winston he is unsuccessful and emotional because his love for Julia and his hate for Big Brother are unacceptable, Winston is ordered and taken away to the dreaded room 101 tocomplete the last step to his treatment. Up to this point, Winston remained strong in the Ministry of Love by maintaining his fidelity to Julia and their relationship.