Lie That Their Community

In the novel by Lois Lowry ‘The Giver,’ the title role is a 12- year- old boy named Jonas, as the lead

the character in the novel he is put to various tests that define him. Jonas is seen being a noble character when he takes on memories from The Giver, they cause him pain intellectually and physically giving him a heroic appeal. Jonas’s challenges are similar to another heroic character deemed The Giver, who has carried excruciating memories for multiple years. This gives The Giver a brave aspect because he carries these memories so his communities “perfect “ world would not fall apart. In ‘The Giver’ Jonas puts himself on the line to benefit his community, this generous act would be considered the essence of a hero by many. ‘The Giver’ analyses the idea that a hero will come face to face with challenges such as not being able to share information they learn with there ability and how their ability can cause them to feel isolated. Throughout the novel ‘The Giver’ the common theme of choice can be seen influencing Jonas’s nature as a hero and the difficulties he faces. The novel expresses an underlying message that having the choice is not something that should be seen as a negative, but a positive.

‘The Giver’ explores the concept that the character of a hero comes from how selfless they are, for example, if the hero is willing to sacrifice themselves or risk hurting others in order to benefit or save victims. “ So if you escape, once you are gone- and, Jonas, you know that you can never return-” Jonas nodded solemnly. It was the terrifying part. “Yes” ( Chapter 20. Pg 155) This quote is evidence that Jonas is willing to “take the bullet” for his community since he is planning to escape his community with another character named Gabe and put them both at risk of starvation and Hypothermia. Jonas goes through with this plan so that the people in his community can receive the memories transferred to him from The Giver, they include pain, love, family and the concept of color. In the novel, ‘The Giver’ Jonas provides an insight into the nature of a hero, based on how selfless he is.

It is revealed in the novel ‘The Giver’ that heroes may face challenges that are not always physical, for example, feelings of loneliness and distance. This concept is explored in the novel when Jonas gains wisdom from being The Receiver of Memory and has to follow a strict set of rules that state he is not allowed to share what he learns with others. “Asher,” Jonas said. He was trying to speak carefully, and with kindness, to say exactly what he wanted to say. “You had no way of knowing this. I didn't know it myself until recently. But it’s a cruel game. In the past, there have -” “I said I apologize, Jonas.” Jonas sighed. It was no use. Of course, Asher couldn't understand.” ( Chapter 17 pg. 135). This provides further insight into the mental challenges hero's face because it shows that when Jonas received the memory of war it affected him so deeply, that when he saw his friends playing a game that looked similar he forced them to stop. His friends could not comprehend why Jonas was so altered by the game because they did not have the knowledge like Jonas, to change their perspective towards the game. This left Jonas with the feeling of isolation with his “different” opinion and frustrated because he could not provide them with evidence as to why it was a horrible game.‘The Giver’ provides an insight into the idea that hero’s challenges come in many forms such as mental challenges and challenges that make hero’s question the worth of their ability.

In the heroic tale ‘The Giver’ an underlying theme of choice can be seen throughout the context of the novel and is a powerful influence over the trials and attributes of the main lead Jonas. Jonas is impacted by choice since over time as the Receiver Of Memory he starts to develop knowledge, that his community is living in fear of choice and the consequences that could possibly come from the wrong ones being made. “If everything's the same, then there aren't any choices! I want to wake up in the morning and decide things!”( Chapter 13 pg. 97) This explains how the theme of choice influences Jonas’s characteristics because the idea of his community having the ability to choose, describe and experience their emotions motivates him to preserve through the hardship being placed on him. An underlying theme of choice can be seen in ‘The Giver’ and is powerful in the way it influences Jonas overall.

In the story of ' The Giver' Jonas, the lead hero is challenged by his community which thrives on sameness. In the novel what the characters experience is unfair because the majority of the community besides The Giver or The Receiver will never have the choice to know how to feel love or pain. As well as living their lives with the lie that their community is a perfect utopia when this could not be further from the truth. This community should not have to rely on Jonas being heroic and putting himself through severe pain in order to remain peaceful or rely on Jonas keeping his wisdom to himself because the community cannot handle painful memories. If the community had been open to the idea of everyone being unique and having a choice, the theme would not have shaped Jonas as a hero and caused him to face the challenge of leaving his community that holds his family, friends, and future behind. It is recommended to avoid this turning into a reality, people get to know any information they feel like they are missing and have the knowledge and acceptance to form a choice about something that they feel will affect them. From this novel what can be taken away is this, we are so lucky to be able to vote or make a choice, we should not take it for advantage because without it society would be a dystopia similar to this book.