Quest Street West

In everyone’s life, family is the only members who will always be together during suffering, happiness, and Etc. Even in the novel, “No Great Mischief” demonstrates how a family will always stick together no matter how big or how insulting the situation is, they also help each other out in times of trouble. The main character Alexander went through a lot of difficult times, his life was not easy. At a very young age, he learned a lot of things which an adult will learn during his age. Alexander learned how important it is to look after the blood, he also understood the suffering of losing his loved one and to have respect for everyone no matter what they are.

The first problem Alexander and his sister faced was when they lost their parents. “My parents were not found that day, or the next, or in the days or months that followed” (MacLeod 52). During this time, Alexander went through a lot of pain but he hides his feels inside himself and kept hoping about his parents return. But as time passed by, Alexander gave up hope about his parents would come back. They had to move in with their grandparents because they were young to live by themselves. When red-headed Alexander died, Alex remembers about his childhood days with red-headed Alexander grandchild. “I remembered how I had thought that the world had seemed unfair to me in terms of who had fathers and who did not.” (MacLeod 127). This shows that Alex missed his father. He was jealous of how others have father and grandfather while he doesn’t even though he was jealous, Alex was upset. He was hurt that he couldn’t spend more time with his father like other kids. Alex went through a lot of suffering but I think this was the two most important once which he went through during his childhood days.

When Alexander MacDonald and his son came to grandfather house. Alexander MacDonald went and sat next to his father, they were talking normal and Macdonald asked his father (Grandpa) for some finical support, what Grandpa did make Alex left in confusion. “I think now, years later, that he had probably been borrowing money from them so that he might get over some seasonal crisis or other. […] his father to pat him on the shoulder and tell him to “take care” and “everything will be all right,” while I and my sister, in our smallness, he did not have one at all.” (MacLeod 69). His grandpa didn’t ask any question like the reason behind asking or anything, he just lent the money to MacDonald which made Alex get confused. This shows that Alex’s Grandparents help his own family when they are in need. Also, when Alex was an adult he goes to Quest Street West to check on one of his relatives. “‘Always look after your own blood,’ Grandma said.” […] I am caught off guard by the sudden shift, trapped in the net of my own guilt and history.” (MacLeod 14). As Alex knew how important it was to look after his own blood, he went to check on his relative and help him with things which he needs. He remembered his Grandma words and he uses, and follows them in his everyday life. Even though, he has to drive so many miles to get to downtown, he would do it without hesitation in him. This shows that Alex and his family help each other without hesitation even if it’s a family support or finical needs. They don’t judge each other or compare them with other people.

Loyalty was a main section in the book. From babies to animals, everyone showed their loyalty to each other. “As she rowed towards the anchored ship, she continued to swim, in spite of shouted Gaelic threats and exhortations, […]lifted her soaked and chilled and trembling body into the body” (MacLeod 23). This shows that the dog also thought of them as his family, she risks her own life to stay with his family. The dog was every loyal to the family, she wanted them to protect them any danger. Even Alex be so loyal to his family, “Good for you, ille bhig ruaidh. This means you will never have to work again”. What he meant was that I would not speed my life pulling the end of the bucksawor pushing the boat off the Calum Ruadh’s Point in freezing water up my waist” (MacLeod 107). Alex was the only person who had a good education in his family, due to his family needs Alex leaves the job opportunity just to supports his family. He risks his life in mines with his brother. This family did anything to support the family, their loyalty towards each other was completely different than other families.

The book stresses the importance of the family to show how they stick together, no matter what happens, and loyalty towards each other. Even though they go through a lot of suffering they don’t forget their family and how much it means to them.This book really shows that family is what we have, and it shows that the family will always be happy if everyone loves each other.