Successful Business Project

First of all the author would like to go with a little introduction about the set assignment topic in a way which gives a total idea about managing a successful business project?

From the unit description itself creates so many question. Like as what creates a project? , How to manage a project and what essentials are needed to create a successful business projects, also whom the project can be successfully managed is it by a team or a group of people within the organization or a relevant department of people or individually. Or does the project plan only applies to the specific sectors of business organization or only for some specific kinds of professionals? Also does the project will be a successful project or a failed one? What are the risks to be taken if it’s a fail project? Moreover what are the predictive cost and the benefits of doing the project ?

. Likewise as a student or a tutor there comes a project/plan. They also can be regarded as the planner. Which each and every individual in my aspects the author would refer them as the planner. A plan comes with a task, time, schedule, aims, and the objectives on the other hand there risks and failures too.

Likewise we have seen so many successful world known scientific researchers, politicians, businessman, explorers, musicians, painters, inventors, TV presenters, authors, athletes, humanitarian, singers and the list goes on. Have you ever heard about the girl who fought to get education? Yah that’s the 15 year old Malala yousufazil. The young Malala was shot by Taliban in Pakistan and demanded the girls shouldn’t be allowed to have right for many older men and women were there just never had the guts to stand up themselves to speak up to allow the right for their young girls. As a mother as a father and so many world known professionals asactors, politicians and many more respected people were there . But none of them stood up for the right of their children’s whom the nation will be in future. That one Brave young girl stood up in front of all of them putting ashamed .that was the young girl who was shot by Taliban for having her own right to get education. She stood up to herself and encouraged so many other young girls to get their own right to fight for it and to get what truly they deserves.

So this is just one short story about a girl. Who was shot by getting the right for education as a child thrived for her right? Now she is a representing UN speaker for her own country. Known as a women right activists and the youngest noble prize winner.

This was her story, a totally different story. She is among the persons who is listed as top 100 successful person .From her story the message that we all get is success doesn’t come in on its own way there comes struggles, failures, ups and down, recognition and hard work. In authorspoint of view this story of one young brave girl gives us all a message as no matter what the state we are in we all can be successful once we develop the self in ourselves. No matter how big your business is, or what field does your work belong to no matter what the managerial position you’re in or as an individual what state you are in. As a manger also success come along in a way like the manager itself and the business as a whole. You need to manage the business activities well accordingly to the plan for whatever the future brings on. You need to stand up for who you are no matter what the state you are in, speak up, fight for it and get what you deserve. This is how the world today is.

Likewise to a manager or a management the success come within the organization where they belong to.

A manager refers to a person who sets goal and work on achieving the business objective for the continuity and survival of the business organization in the market well accordingly to the management plan. On the other hand a management refers to a set of numbers of people who entitled to making sure that the business organization achieves the set target or the achieve the organization goal which is set by the top level management, the CEO’s, the Board of Directors, Investors and shareholders are the people who are ready to see the failure and the success of the business organization in a good perspective with among the stakeholders too.

In order to make sure that the business achieves the set goal and the objective by the strategic decision making of the top level management will ensure the survival and continuity as in means of taking and delivering the best decision among their stakeholders. In authors point of view the business success lies within the key stakeholders of the business organization. They are the shareholders, customers and the employees. Creating a good reputed business brand image the shareholders, the customers and within the employees will have great impacts on business organization which it will lead to manage the business successful with much greater successful business plans in the future.

furthermore the author would like to look into what are the great impacts on creating a good business brand image among the key stake holders of an organization to manage a successful business plan .

• Shareholders

The shareholders within a business can be ordinary shareholders or the preference shareholders.

The ordinary shareholders are referred as equity shareholders as well. These shareholders are regarded as the real owners in the business creating a good brand image as well regarding the company as a well reputed company will attract more of real investors to be a part of the ownership of the business organization which will lead the organization to be more innovative with more greater ideas and enough capital to create and adopt with managing more successful business planned project.

In addition to ordinary shareholders there are preference shareholders who are part of the business organization. These investors shares are classified mainly into 3 major types of preference can be cumulative and non-cumulative preference shares, redeemable and irredeemable preference shares, participating and non-participating preference share and convertible and non-convertible preference shares. These preference shareholders are mostly the investors whom prefer a constant rate of income to their investments and they are not willing to take risks. In authors point of view these investors are ready to invest in the organization with huge investment in return to a higher rate of dividend.

To conclude these shareholders will bring enough capital onto a business which is well reputed as brand worthy so this will surely lead the business into more guaranteed successful business project plan in the near future with ensuring the business continuity and survival within the market place by the great decisions taken by the top level of management through reaching the short term and long term goal of the business organization as well.

• Customers

In authors view the customers will be referred as the true success of the business. From analyzing the product portfolio to attaining the goal of the business customers are the role-players of the success of business organization. The customers can also be regarded as the people who does bring the losses and the profits to the business organization. Truly the organization whole mind is set on the customer preferences. If the organization is not preferred by the customers then it would be a total flop but as if the business organization is preferable among the customers the organization as a whole will be in reaching the set goals of the business. If customers prefer the business organization products/services and as if they are fully satisfied with products and services which is provided among the existing customers will lead them to retain and able the organization to get the competitive advantages from their customers as well if the organization prefer to keep good customer relationship. regardless s

• Employees

There are so many tips on becoming a successful manager .Becoming a successful manager come along in creating successful business plan. With creating successful business plan build up a successful business organization which means the risks and the failure the organization as a whole is less.

Forming a successfulbusiness project plan differentiate from which the position they are in as a student as an educator or a manager with in three different levels of management .Top level management ,the middle level management and the lower level management. Each and every employee and the employer in all three different level of management will work on achieving the target the set goal and the vision and mission by taking risks, creating development plan within a period of time, analyzing the data and supervising the workload and all.

A plan/project comes with a planner. In an organization they are appointed as the project what creates a project manager or a marketing, informational technology, finance, production operational managers are within in an organization management. A management comes with three different level, which is top level management, the middle level management and the lower level management