C. S Lewis

C. S Lewis had many titles like author, essayist and Christian apologist. His birthdate was 29th November. Clive Staples Lewis lived a long and fulfilling lifeuntil he died on November 22, 1963 at age 65. Born in North Ireland, Lewis always felt at home and most comfortable in his hometown of Belfast. At age 51 Lewis wrote the classic children's book series The Chronicles of Narnia.

Lewis attended a variety of private and public schools throughout his life such as one of the leading independent schools in the UK, Malvern College in Worcestershire.

In 1916 C. S Lewis was offered a scholarship to the university of Oxford. While at University World War 1 had started and Lewis felt the need to do something to help, so University life was put on hold as he volunteered to join the British Army.

C. S Lewis was injured in the last months of war and sent home to recover.

Upon returning to Oxford Lewis completedhis degrees before taking up post-teaching English at the College of Magdalen in Oxford from 1925-1954. Close friendships were formed with other Oxford students such as J.R. R Tolkien, Charles Williams and Owen Barfield. The friends formed an informal group called the 'Inklings'. The Inklings would meet at pubs and read to each other, parts of their novels.

Lewis joined the faculty of Cambridge University as a literature professor in 1954. In 1956 he married Joy Gresham, who at the time was an American English teacher. They had a joyful marriage until Gresham died of cancer in 1960. When Lewis experienced heart trouble, he resigned from his Cambridge positions in 1963.

Since Lewis was born into a bookish family he loved to read. His family had broad reading tastes. Books were everywhere in his family home, there were books in the study, dining room, books in the cloakroom. There were books 2 deep in the great bookcase on the landing and books in the all the bedrooms. Lewis had access to all these books.

Lewis was brought up in a Protestant Church, It has been said as a teenager he lost his faith. The main reason for the was boring church services and the problem of evil in the world. But he came increasingly interestedin the existence of god and Christianity when he returned to Oxford in the post war period.

Many evening chats with friends, Lewis finally converted tobelief in god in 1929 and became a Christian in 1931. He always remained an Anglican to the disappointment of Tolkien who was a Roman Catholic.

His more popular books were influenced by his Christian beliefs such as the Chronicles of Narnia. The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe was written during the second world war. Inspirations were taken

from 3 evacuee children who stayed in his home in Risinghurst, which was a suburb of Oxford. New perspectives on the joy of childhood were given to Lewis by the 3 evacuee children.

The Chronicles of Narnia were published one per year from 1950 to 1956. It has become a very influential genre of children's books, soon after publishing the books were very successful.

Since Lewis' death in 1963, his books and influence have continued to grow. He has been rated as one of the top English writers of all times. His books have been converted into numerous languages.