Unlimited Vacation Time Policy

The argument that I intend to make in this persuasive essay is for the organization that I work for to improve the vacation time for the employees. The current policy as of now is a tiered structure that gives the longer tenured employees an extra week off after three years of being with the organization. Until that time is reached, employees get two weeks each year. This rigid, outdated approach may have worked twenty-five years ago but in today’s culture is doesn’t work like before, or with current employees. Employees have expectations that the vacation time should consider that all employees are mid-to-senior level professionals and not entry-level. The goal to come out of this argument is to have the owners improve to unlimited vacation time for those employees that has been with the organization greater than twelve months.

The first key point that will support my argument is that financial/evidence research that confirms there will not be a negative financial impact to the organization if they were to increase the vacation time. Demonstrating that increasing vacation time can improve the organization’s financial bottom line will be important to do so. Next, another key point is that the lifestyle and health can be improvements to the employees. Exploring some research, there were numerous studies identified that showed Americans in particular, are being overworked and don’t use the vacation time that they have obtained. A variety of health issues are caused by this that include several heart/blood pressure related illnesses, obesity, and diabetes. If employees are offered an unlimited vacation time policy, it would allow employees to take a day or two away from the workplace without having to plan a major trip away for weeks at time. Lastly, organizations that obtain unlimited vacation time can see improvements in the company’s employee morale, financials, and employee productivity. Organizations that realize the financials have improved may not realize that the vacation time correlation at the beginning, however, when exploring some research studies show that loyal employee with good morale means that there is less turnover. With having less turnover that means there will be a stable, efficient organization taking place. Having to interview, hire, and train new employees to replace the employees that are not loyal have a cost and can be staggering and delay or stagnate an organization’s growth, thereby could have a negative impact on the organization’s financials. Employees that are well-rested tend to be more productive and creative, and more liable to qualify for advancement opportunities than the employees that don’t take vacation time, or don’t get time away from the workplace. This evidence will support my argument because it shows that I have done research and took my colleagues and the organization’s welfare into consideration, furthermore, I am not presenting this argument based off my own benefit.

The two owners of the organization are the audience for this essay. I have two main challenges to recognize for the owners. The first hurdle is that they both oversee a huge portfolio of IT- related organizations and it is to my attention that the vacation policy at these organizations are not well famously generous. That means that the two owners of these organizations have a tendency of not offering or providing considerable amount of vacation time. The second challenge is the length of time of knowing the owners and the experience I have with them. I have been with the organization for almost two years now, these owners bought the organization in February of this year. Resulting me in knowing the two owners for a little more than two months. Due to the lack of experience I have with the owners, I do not know how seriously they will take this suggestion, but the owners seem to think highly of me which will help during the time I present this argument.

The goal that I want to accomplish with this argument will be an improvement in the vacation time provided to the employees of this organization, or ideally be a corporate wide improvement/change. Having a new, unlimited vacation time policy to take place is what I would like to see happen from this argument. The feeling I have towards this is that the owners may take an individualized approach to improve the vacation benefits for the employees but that will be a progressive step forward. Financial evidence along with compelling research that provides information on the benefits to both employees and the organization that offers generous vacation benefits will be required in this essay. By providing the three key points will allow me to engage a persuasive and compelling argument.

By completing the annotations assignment, it may have changed the research I will use to complete this essay. There are a variety of scholarly articles and journals that I have found for the essay that will be highly useful for this argument. Including a counterargument that targets the health and wellness benefits of vacation time to employees is not enough time once returned to the workplace will be useful. Identifying a journal that explains employee burnout is another resource that I have found and will also be useful. The employees within the organization where I work wear “multiple hats” because the organization does not have many employees and is very streamlined. The result in this includes working weekends, long hours, evenings, and maintain contact with the workplace even if taking vacation. Working this much causes burnout so obtaining the journal that provides research to support it will allow me to use support for my argument. In the annotation assignment. The last resource provided information that encourages an increase on vacation time but also includes a well structure technique on how to disconnect from the workplace while still connected. The owners may find this appealing as it means the company can still obtain sufficient coverage for the individuals that are taking vacation time.

The first key point is financial evidence/research that confirms there will not be a negative financial impact to the organization if they were to increase the vacation time. The resource that is listed that Sarah Rafson wrote providing information on how to help with employee burnout will provide support that the organization won’t experience loss in finance by providing more vacation time. The next key point is the lifestyle and health improvements to employees and the academic journal that Jessica de Bloom wrote will support this key point through some research that indicates that vacations do benefit an individual’s health and those benefits are short-lived. Melinda Beck wrote a Wall Street journal and this one will be the better resource to use because this resource presents research that obtains information about employees suffering from “leisure sickness” and “weekend headaches” from being overworked. Something that would help these symptoms would be more vacation time to take away from the workplace to allow an employee to unwind and detach for some time and this resource provides techniques to do so. Lastly, the final key point is that employee productivity and morale, and the organizations financials will show a gain within these factors if he organization were to provide unlimited vacation time. The resource again that Sarah Rafson wrote will be used for this key point. This article that she wrote provides a variety of research data that explains there are several improvements and gains that can be recognized by increasing vacation time. Even though the counterargument does not strongly support these key points, it will still be included in the discussion to present an opposing view and show that wide research was performed.

Supporting that key point that I have identified will be the most appropriate and effective locations for integrating evidence into this persuasive argument. It is important to demonstrate that the organization’s perspective is taken into consideration and that requesting unlimited vacation time is not a selfish act, also it will be important to include a financial perspective into the essay. I will support my outlook that the entire company will be positively affected by providing research that shows employee’s health being improved through vacation time being increased. I will further bolster my argument by including a global view and an article tying gains and employee’s morale being improved to having more vacation time.

The revision strategy that I will put in place will be to submit my essay to my father, two of my sister’s colleagues, my brother-in-law, and the online writing center. Using my father’s insight and hearing a response from him will be useful since he was corporate management within his workplace for many years. My father is also good with to use for a counterargument because he is used to playing the “devil’s advocate” to challenge my viewpoints and arguments. My sister had two colleagues that are Senior VP’s within a bank with overseeing hundreds of employees. Obtaining their feedback will be helpful since they have experience with large company’s perspective as well as background on research that has been preformed internally on the same topic. Another source that I would like to use is my brother-in-law who is head of human resource at a bank in England. He will provide a firsthand, global view on vacation time as it relates to all three of my key points for this argument and be able to provide me with background. With him knowing information about the differences in vacation time policies between the US and European countries will be very interesting to me. The last step that I will take is submitting my essay to the online writing center for some assistance from them.

This revision strategy will be effective because I will obtain feedback from multiple different individual’s that have experience and various backgrounds. I will be getting advice from more than one source and have several different perspectives on my argument and how to maybe make it better. The online writing center will hep me with the structure of my essay and grammar. This will allow my final essay to have a definitive argument and well-rounded view.