San Francisco Bay Area

I have selected to do my book report on The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. I chose to do my book report over this book because I used to work at in an organization where I felt that there was a lot of politics and the turnover rate was very high, people were constantly leaving. I wanted to know why people were leaving when I first started working there because I felt happy until I myself wanted to leave; as the saying goes “people leave the manager, they do not leave the job.” After thoroughly looking over what each book was about I thought The Advantage would give me a better insight about ways to keep an organization healthy, so that whenever I have the chance of obtaining a leadership role in the future I will be able to maintain a healthy environment for myself but mainly my employees. Organizations that are healthy from the bottom to the top end up being more successful than organizations that consistently have conflicts because they don’t agree with people or because they feel a certain way. Having a healthy organization means that as a leader I need to maintain the environment free from politics and confusion. This book will help me set a good example for my employees in keeping our organization healthy by providing clarity and communicating with them thoroughly by reinforcing messages that have been planted into the base of the business and every decision the I will make. I also believe that it will help me in the future when I become a leader by making sure that I am heard, believed and followed by my employees throughout the organization.

Patrick Lencioni is founder and president ofThe Table Group. The Table Group is a management firm that focuses in the area of organizational health and executive team development since 1997. Prior to founding The Table group, he worked at Oracle Corporation, started his career at Bain & Company, and was on the executive team at Sybase, Inc. His principles have been adopted by many leaders and organizations all over the world from multinational corporations all the way to churches. Lencioni is also the author of ten business books and also has over three million copies sold worldwide and his work has appeared in big journal and review such as the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. He currently lives in the San Francisco bay area with his wife and four kids. My dad was a salesman who was extremely good at what he did, but I remember that he’d often come home from work frustrated, complaining about how his company was being managed. I didn’t know what management was, but I was pretty sure my dad shouldn’t feel frustrated after putting in ten hours at work (Lencioni, pg. 14). His dad was the one who influenced him to figure out why he would complain so much about the way his dad’s organization was being managed. The fact that he has influenced a vast amount of organizations and leaders makes me feel that his methods are valid and give me confidence that his methods have helped other organizations. The one thing that does worry me is that since his methods are from the past, young leaders might see it as old fashioned and may not want to follow his methods because they fear that it may not work for their organization.


The Advantage is a guidebook of influential methods that focus on organizational health. Organizational health is something that is featured in many successful organizations and businesses. The guidebook is divided into four disciplines: building a cohesive relationship, creating clarity, overcommunicating clarity, and reinforcing clarity. These disciplines then build up on each other to create a competitive advantage over those businesses and organizations that do not take the time to discuss these problems. The author’s main thesis is that although being a business that is deep in knowledge of industry is important, being a healthy business can empower a business to be even smarter.