Romantic Movement

The Romantic Movement, also known as Romanticism, originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th Century.“Romanticism is characterized by its emphasis on emotion and individualism as well as glorification of all past and nature, preferring the medieval rather than the classical” ( encouraged individuals to think independently which may have caused rebellions against social conventions.It went against the original ideas of the Age of Enlightenment.The idea behind Romanticism is that reason cannot explain everything. It concentrated on emotions, imagination, freedom and the heart instead of the mind. In other words, this is what caused negative emotions, the interpretation of good vs evil, which were expressed throughout art, literature and music. Although the Romantic Movement portrayed bringing about rebellions, which was perceived as negative, it technically showed how individuals made an identity for themselves expressed through their feelings and emotions.

The Romantic Movement began in Germany then made its way to Europe and onto the rest of the world. Romanticism expressed feelings of struggle for justice, equality and freedom.It went against logical thought and more towards emotion, moods and psychological state of mind.“The romantics, in contract, hoped to transform the world into a new Golden Age through the power of the imagination” (Romanticism).

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The Romantics had various ways of expressing their work.Art was one of the ways that romantic painters could express their love of nature, which was perceived as good.Consequently, the dark side of nature, which was perceived as evil, was also portrayed as negative.They were fascinated with the mysterious and the supernatural. The Romantic painters would use various forms of curving lines, shapes and radiant colors to portray their feelings and sense of individuality.

One of the famous painter’s was John Constable.He painted the Salisbury Cathedral, from the Meadows.This painting expressed the emotions of a stable world by a rural lifestyle without the industrial clutter of urban life. As quoted by John Constable, “I should paint my own places best, painting is but another word of feeling” (Britannica).Clearly, this quote shows how artists express their emotions through their art and how they perceived the world through their own eyes.

Caspar David Friedrich was another artist who painted dark and mysterious landscapes.This painting, also known as, The Polar Sea, produce controversy of religion which went against the emotions of sublime art forms.This painting was criticized because it showed a shipwreck at the North Pole which was perceived as dark, dreary and lifeless. This was an expression of how Friedrich felt that the eternity of nature will overcome the life of humans.

In addition to paintings, there were many buildings restored such as cathedrals, churches and public buildings.These too were considered live forms of art.One of the structures was the castle of new Schwann Stein built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The architectural style of how these neo-gothic structures were built caused negative emotions which almost bankrupt the Nation.

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Another way to express the Romantic era was through Literature. This type of literature referenced unreal and over imaginative works of literature. This literature was either English or German writings.

English writings emphasize Poetry which was an expression of the mind. William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge were English writers who published Lyrical Ballads.In this book, poetry was described as “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” (Britannica “Romanticism).Basically, this poem explained how poetry should be written in a plain language for all to interpret but drawn from examples of ordinary life.This became the intention of the English Romantic movement in poetry.They both worked together and vision childhood as creative imagination until they lost their poetic inspiration.

German writings appreciated novels and books. This style of writing was highly sentimental and influenced by the medieval era.Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, a German famous writer wrote “The Sorrows of Young Werther.” This novel expressed emotions of true love although she was to wed another man.During this romantic era, this style of writing was considered negative because it showed living beyond a polite society.

The final way that the Romantic Movement was expressed was through Music. The musical techniques were either Classical or Romantic.It expressed the emotions of personal feeling and freedom of individuality and originality.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a “purely romantic” as well as a classical German composer.His music was instrumental which expressed dramatic “musical forms, such as the lied, nocturne, intermezzo capriccio, prelude, and mazurka” (Britannica).Beethoven created the Ninth symphony which was his only vocal symphony that represented freedom.His music set the

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emotions for other musicians to express their intense feelings during this time of chaos in Europe in an attempt to bring about peace and joy. As the years progressed, Beethoven began to become deaf but was still known to write some of his most famous pieces of music expressing his individuality.

Vincenzo Bellini was an Italian Opera composer.His music was both instrumental and opera. He and Giuseppe Verdi developed the Romantic opera.This music made a huge emotional impact on The Romantic Movement because it inspired romanticism in poetry, legends and folktales. This combination of music was then turned into theatrical musical dramas which further expressed the point of emotional feelings from the heart.

Indeed, music was affected by prior works of art and literature during The Romantic Movement.It determined the style of the music for that specific era.Its main purpose was to express the feelings and emotions in a way that the music could be heard and understood.

In conclusion, there are many ways to express feelings through romanticism.Romanticism tried to help individuals believe that they can fight for their rights and be natural again.Many examples of art, literature and music were expressed through The Romantic Movement which caused these rebellions.The Romantics enabled expressions of true feelings of the human heart, beliefs beyond world beliefs and the power of imagination. Through these artists during The Romantic Movement, the world was able to acknowledge diversity in both man and nature. Although this was portrayed as negative or evil which caused rebellions against social conventions, it enlightened the true identity of oneself.

If it was not for The Romantic Movement influencing art, literature and music, our modern day world would be different and not the true human world we live in today.