Important Decisions Important Decisions

Odysseus is considered a hero's.Odysseus was a courageous man. He was very smart and intelligent. He was good at making important decisions important decisions. Throughout the storyhe demonstrates his courage through his actions.Odysseus was a hero in the book for several reasons. Odysseus showed many heroic qualities such as helping his men in times of need, and showing patience to everyone.

Heroic traits Odysseus showed was how he never gave up. To start with Calypso was told by Hermes to let Odysseus go, he was unlucky on his journey home.“ East wind and South wind dashed together, West wind blowing hard and North wind from the cold heights, rolling up great billows. Odysseus felt his knees tremble and his heart fail...” (Homer.1.67-68). Poseidon is mad because he thinks the gods turned against him and are now for Odysseus. He became angry and weather horiable apprupted Odysseus is out at sea. He first creates darkness and winds upon land and sea. Furthermore, Odysseus becomes depressed, but did not give up. Finally, he made it to land, tired but safe.“We should have perished ourselves in that place, dead and done for; we could never have moved the great stone which he had planted in the doorway. So we lay groaning and awaited the dawn” (Homer.9.106).Odysseus strength and heroic traits proves he is a hero throughout the book.

Another trait Odysseus showed throughout his journey would be how he always helped and guided his men. A good example of this is when Odysseus told his men was when he told them not to eat the cattle of Helios. “My friends, we have food and drink in the ship, so we must keep our hands off these cattle or we may suffer for it. For an awful god is the owner of these cattle and great sheep – Helios, who sees all and hears all” (Homer.10. 144). Odysseus tells his men that they are not to kill the cattle, because Helios will be very angry.The men did not listen. They killed the cattle and made an offering. Odysseus helped his men F and guide them, as any hero would.

Odysseus another trait was patience and compassion towards everyone he encountered. “Cheer up, my son has saved your life. So you shall know, and tell other men, that doing well is far better than doing ill. Now then, you two had better go out of this carnage into the yard, and stay there until I have finished what is left for me to do in this house” (Homer.9.250).The Minstrel [Phemius Terpiades] and Medon the marshal’s lives are saved thanks to Telemachos. Odysseus is kind enough to spare their lives and let them live. Although, the Odyssey consider the Odysseus as a hero. On many occasions Odysseus makes decisions that are selfish. For example, is when Odysseus and his men find each other onPolyphemus's island, Odysseus's actions are selfish and hurt his men.This can be said for most of Odysseus's actions in the story, as his objective is to go backhome. Odysseus could be considered a hero, but many of his actions say otherwise. Odysseus proved to be an anti-hero and him proved this again by being selfish and thinking that he is the most important one.

Odysseus displayed many heroic traits such as never giving up, helping his men. Odysseus proves to be a hero by the many heroic traits he deplayes through the book. Odysseus was a smart, strong and courageous. He was smart and never gave up for what he believed in.