P.M Time Slot

team and I chose the 3 p.m time slot. Miss Lubbe then informed us that we could send her emails and make an appointment if we have concerns regarding our diaries. I’m definitely planning on using the opportunity. I feel like there’s some things I still don’t understand regarding the patchwork diary.

I was surprised though that this is the final class. I remember the lecturer telling us about some work we still have to do, now all of a sudden we are done! This made me feel uneasy because there’s still so much writing to do for the diary. I’m now anxious about how on earth I’m going to write until 40 pages minimum? I decided to check the study guide to see if we really completed all the work and I was surprised to see there was eight chapters appearing on the study guide that we did not do in class! What does this mean though? Miss Lubbe did not even say anything about the remaining chapters! I will have to ask her when I go see her about the diary work.

Preparation for presentation

Group heartbeat. Where do I even begin? When we first all agreed on our topic we had our hesitations. Most topics were already picked and registered and so it was the most reasonable for all of us I guess. We thought it was not an easy topic but had faith that we will do our best with it. One member of the group said specifically that if we put our minds to it we will do well. Her leap of faith gradually transferred to the rest of us and from there we pushed through the boundary.

There are days I would go home feeling sad and demotivated as some members would not show up on the last minute and that hindered our work in a way. In those days I would really be lost for hope and faith in my group members, needless to say they were the best I could ask for. In those days where the creativity kicked-in and commitment was shown we really had the best time, getting to know each, our unique strengths and weaknesses. It is not easy to work with a group of people with different personalities and viewpoints, there is always guarantee of clash in opinions, we certainly had our fair share of those.

Initially we really struggled with the way to go about presenting our topic. some had chosen talk show while others believed it did not allow us to really bring in the creativity to the table. Of course we deliberated, everyone saying their stance at it until we concluded with drama. Although I was first siting with a talk show, I do think drama was the best option now. The question of which members were strong enough for which roles also came in. we had to be careful in choosing the right and suitable roles according to our strong and weak points. I believe in the end we did achieve that.

When we were satisfied with the structure of the play, also after careful deliberation, we now had the task of penning down all our lines in script format. This is where I would say a lot of work was required. The idea was for every lines spoken by each character to the one engaging with to have interconnection and be convincing. All I can say in this regard is I have new respect for writers of TV shows, soapies and stuff. The lines were regularly getting changed, some abandoned and others made the perfect connection.

The easy part I do believe was the costumes/attire part. Everyone had an idea of what they were gonna wear and no struggle was faced at all. I got my nurse uniform from a friend of one of the group members and I loved that it fitted perfectly. Preparing myself also in playing my character had me doing a little research. Mentally, physical conduct and taking the medical jargon and making it all look believable in a way. I watched one show I like and carefully studied the conduct of nurses, then tried to display similar behaviour in my acting.

Now that it’s all over I am reminded of the saying: time flies when you’re having fun. Fun we definitely had and this was such a learning experience as well.