Gcb Bank Ltd




This chapter covers the summary of findings of the study, the conclusion of the study and recommendations by the researchers. The objectives of the study were to ascertain the perception customers have about GCB Bank Ltd based on the service quality being provided; find out the satisfaction level of customers of GCB Bank Ltd; and determine the relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality. These were the central points on which the study was conducted and from which the analysis was drawn.


The general purpose of the study was to find the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction in the banking industry. It was to further investigate how service quality can be used as a strategy to differentiate the bank from industry competitors while enhancing customer satisfaction.

 Customer satisfaction

Majority of the respondents were dissatisfied about certain aspects of customer service such as helpfulness of staff, promptness and efficiency in handling complaints and time period- relating to the amount of time spent during a transaction at the bank. The customers were neutral about the reliability of the staff and bank.

 Service Quality

Generally customers of GCB bank agree that the bank gives accurate statements of accounts to customers on time and that contacting the bank has become easier. Customers were, however, neutral on the provision of other services aside accounts, even though some agreed to the assertion that the bank does offer these services. There are no misgivings that respondents do not agree that the bank responds rapidly to complaints made by customers. The customers generally perceive the quality of service by the bank to be good.

 Relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality

The study wanted to find out the relationship that exists between customer satisfaction and service quality, that is to say, the effect that service quality has on customer satisfaction.

The study showed that customers were generally neutral in expressing their satisfaction level about client service, reliability and friendliness and politeness of staff. Majority of the respondents were generally dissatisfied with the helpfulness of staff, promptness and efficiency in handling complaints and time period spent during a transaction at the bank.


The outcome of the study has ascertained some results that show that the management of GCB Bank have put certain measures in place to enhance customer satisfaction, thus some objectives were met with positive responses by the respondents.It is evident that generally, customers are satisfied with the overall output of the bank. That is reflected in the values that the bank holds and measures put in place by management to enhance customer satisfaction. The paramount measurement tool that on customer satisfaction according to the study is quality service and that means quality service on all service delivery fronts. On the other hand, there is the need for the management to consider the aspects that the customers’ responses were not positive in order to improve service quality in the bank within these branches.


The study has expounded on the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction in the banking industry. By reasoning of the outcomes and conclusions stated above, the ensuing potential recommendations are proposed as important points to GCB Bank and the banking industry in general for enhancing customer satisfaction through service quality. These recommendations comprise of, but are not restricted to:

 Showing care and answering the needs of customers on time. Staff should be more friendly and ready to assist customers as well. This comes as a result of the customers’ dissatisfaction with the helpfulness of staff, friendliness and politeness of staff, and the rate at which complaints are handled, according to the findings. This can be done by strengthening the customer service team with more qualified and dedicated staff always at post, who will ensure that service breakdown is minimised and should a service breakdown occur, the recovery rate will be fast. Another means is to automate complaints handling whereby customers can easily send emails to customer service department which will be seen by the head of the department so the staff on the ground can act quickly to resolve issues.

 Organising frequent training programmes on service quality delivery for the staff. Service quality delivery mechanisms are what keep customers coming back, according to the findings of the study. It was rated as the most determining factor for customer satisfaction.

 Enhancing the bank’s queueing system management. This stems from the finding of the study whereby customers were dissatisfied with the time period of transacting business at the bank.