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Jordyn Ragin

Honors 3 English

Mrs. Harmon


Postmodernism in Allegiant

Embracing diversity portrays postmodernism in today’s society. The novel Allegiant written by Veronica Roth, shows the importance of diversity and how her characters in their own ways embrace diversity. Throughout, this novel Roth shows ways that readers can embrace diversity and provides a different lens to viewing diversity as something positive in the community."Everybody's different. There isn't anybody that's the same, we're all individuals, we're all very special, so how do we deal with all those people." said Jason Daniels (Workshop 2). Various ways are shown in today’s society to embrace diversity, for example the program DiversityInc. A company trying to bring education and clarity to portray benefits of diversity, programs like this one sets an example of what diversity should look like and finding ways to embrace it (“Embracing” 12).

Diversity is beneficial in today’s society, for instance studies show workplaces that consist of diversity having a greater average return for their shareholders (“Embracing” 1). Toyota dealers acknowledge the advantages of diversity and are now working towards integrating diversity into everything they do. The executive president of corporate resources and chief diversity officer of Toyota Motor North American, Chris Reynolds says “whether it’s the diversity of our people, of our product offerings, or wide-ranging ideas we have for the future of mobility, Toyota is building diversity and inclusion into everything we do.” (“Embracing” 3). Companies like Toyota see the importance of diversity and trying to show how they are embracing it in their work forces. Communities, workplaces, and various places all over the world have workshops teaching people how to embrace diversity and simple ways of doing it. Colleges are trying to incorporate diversity and attempting to bring in more diverse students to pave a successful path for all students (Increasing 11). Pam says “the obvious way to improve quality and diversity of incoming freshman classes is to get rid of the SAT, the crutch of lazy admissions offices” (Increasing 4).

In today’s society various examples of individuals and companies trying to embrace diversity, like in 2017 NFL players came together as different races and teams standing as one to create an image of what unity and empathy looks like towards president Donald Trump (Brewer 2-3). Celebrities in the spotlight all across the world are adopting different race babies which is setting an example of diversity for everyone in the communities. Sandra Bullock adopted an African baby, while it raised an abundant amount of suspicion to the community for a white female adopting a black baby, it also showed the community a person stepping up to embrace diversity (France 5).

A parallel is shown between the terms “divergent” from the novel and “diversity” in today’s society. In the book Allegiant, Roth uses her characters to portray diversity, for instance the main characters Tris and Tobias go against people they have known their whole lives and city they live in. This shows how passionate they are about diversity and wanted to show everyone how important it is to possess it (Roth 326). “Allegiant” is simply a term for the group that was created to retaliate against the city Chicago where they live, fighting to find out who or “what” they really are, Tris and Tobias ultimately are fighting to embrace diversity (Roth 316).

Allegiant demonstrates various ways of embracing diversity, some more active than others but all intended to show readers the importance of diversity. In Allegiant, Tris and others are put into numerous different situations where they are left with the decision to sacrifice themselves for diversity or to run. “It is worth it”, Cara says, “One death, to save thousands of people from a terrible fate?” (Roth 74). Illustrated throughout Allegiant and the series, Tris and Tobias fighting for what they believe, that is everyone being who they want to be, and having a choice which is their own way of embracing diversity. In Allegiant, Chicago is ruled by a tyrant Evelyn, who split everyone up into five fractions which are groups that have specific jobs and everyone takes a test to find out what fraction they belong to without a choice. Tris is known as “divergent” someone with abounding qualities from each fraction not just one which means she is cured from whatever harmed the rest of the world in the novel. However Tris and Tobias find a place outside of Chicago called the Bureau of Genetic Welfare not knowing if this place was evil or not they had to make a choice whether to believe in the Bureau or not. This Bureau was creating a death serum and had to be stopped, so Tris fought against them portraying how she finds a way of embracing diversity by fighting for what she believes in by making her own decisions (Roth 495). Tobias thought he was divergent but when finding out he is just known as “damaged goods” he still fought for diversity which shows individuals people do not have to be an “outsider” to their community or country to be able to embrace diversity (Roth 206).

In conclusion, embracing diversity portrays postmodernism in today’s society also an enormous part in society. There is a tremendous amount of ways that diversity is being shown throughout communities, also in novels like Allegiant viewing ways to embrace diversity, however an individual chooses. Today’s society demonstrates various ways of being able to individually embrace diversity and not just community wide, even local car dealerships and workplaces express diversity throughout the company. Chris Reynolds says “our aim is to help create a more inclusive society in which everyone can take on, challenge, and start their impossible” (“Embracing” 4).


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