Middle Ages

Knighthood is when you are a knight. To become a knight you have two options 1. Is to earn the right on the battlefield the other option is 2. Is to become a apprentice to a knight and earn the title by hard work and training. You could only become a knight if you could pay for the weapons, armor, and a war horse and they wasn’t cheap. A knight was a soldier who rode on a horseback that needed very expensive armor, weapons, and a powerful war horse. The first knights of the Middle Ages fought for Charlemagne. Knights wore heavy armormade of metal. The two kinds of armor was chain mail and plate armor. Chain mail armor was made of metal rings and a full set of plate armor weighed 60 pounds. Only the very rich and wealthy people could afford to be a knight. Being a knight wasn’t cheap it was expensive. Knights also wore coat of armor and it represented their family.

Knighthood was important to the Feudal system. Knights were very respected. They owned land a had to respect their lord. Knights were picked at a young age and was usually sons of loyalty. Knights were also important because they had to be brave and fearless in battle they also had to have the qualities of devout, loyal, courteous, and generous.Knighthood helped hold society together cause it was not inherited it was earned. Life was better with knighthood because knights were the ones who made up the vows thing we use in real life at our wedding.

Daily life in the Middle Ages was different depending on if you stayed in the country or city so basically depending on where you lived. Life in the country people who lived there worked as farmers. Majority of the people in the Middle Ages lived in the country. Usually there will be a lord and he will live in a large house called a manor or a castle. Peasants would work the land for the lord. The peasants worked hard all year long they grew crops like barley, wheat, and oats they even had a garden where they grew the vegetables and fruits sometimes they even had a few animals like chickens for eggs and a cow for milk. Life in the city was very different from life in the country and it wasn’t easier. The cities were crowded and dirty. A lot of people worked as craftsmen and was members of a guild. Other jobs in the city were servants, merchants, bakers, doctors, and lawyers. Most people lived in a small one or two rooms everyone slept in the same room the animals may of slept inside as well.

The daily life helped hold society together by having the people who lived in the country doing their work in the country and stuff and by having the people who lived in the city do their work in the city and stuff so basically just letting the people do what they do. Daily life was important in the middle ages because the people were in their social class doing what they had to do and because In the middle ages depending on where you lived it was very different from the other lifestyle. amous people in the middle ages were great religious leaders who played an important roles in the church. A famous person in the Middle Ages is Tamerlane was or is famous for being the leader of the Monguls. People who are famous during is famous for different reasons. The reasons may be inventors, explorers, kings or queens, and a leader of an army or what, etc.

Famous people helped hold society together for different reasons depending on what their famous or known for.

Famous people are important for many different reasons.

Castles in the Middle Ages included the moat, keep, curtain wall, arrow slits, and the gatehouse. Castles was built near rivers, streams, lakes, or springs. A Moat was a deep wide ditch surrounding a town or a castle. The Moat was important because it was used for protection against assault. The castles moat surrounded the whole castle complex. A Castle Keep was a tower that was the most protected place of the castle. The square shaped stone castle keep is a dominant feature of many castles in England was built by the Normans it is one of the most recognised part of a castle. The Castle Keep is important because it is the most protected part of the castle. A Curtain Wall is the stone walls around a castle. The Curtain Wall was important because it was to protect the interior of the castle. Arrow Slits was narrow openings or crossings inside walls and towers enabling defenders to shoot arrows at potential attackers from outside. Arrow Slits was important because the defenders was protecting themselves.

The final part of the castle is the Gatehouse. The Gatehouse was the most defensive part of the castle and it was the most defensive part of any medieval fortress. It was a strong building to defend the entrance to a castle. Gatehoused had traps and obstacles to foil any intruder. The gatehouse was one of the most grandest of the entire castle it had some magnificent chambers for the most important guests. Castles was important because it was built for protection during the wars of the late middle ages. Castles helped hold society together because Castles was for protection so it kept people safe.