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Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, an English author, had written this novel “The Prisoner of Zenda” which was first published in April 1894 by J.W Arrow Smith. Itconsists of 379 pages.

He was an English novelist and Playwright. Along this novel he also wrote its sequel Rupert of Hentzau (1898). These two works brought a great fame in his life.

The Prisoner of Zenda is a romantic and an adventurous novel. In this novel fictional country of Europe Ruritania is presented.

This book is written in quite simple English. The author used descriptive form of writing. Third person narrative is used in this novel.


This story is based on an adventure of an English man Rudolph Rassendyll who went Ruritania on a visit to attend the coronation ceremony of King Rudolph V at Strelsau.On this occasion Rassendyll happened to meet theking, they both resembled each other except this Rassendyll had a beard while the king was clean shaved. On the very next morning the king was found drunkard. It was the conspiracy of black Micheal who did not want the king to become new theking of Ruritania. As Rassendyll and the king resembled so Rassendyll was asked to pretend like a king if not, then the people of Ruritania crowned black Michael as a new king. Rassendyll took the place of king until he saved the king from imprisonment of Black Micheal. Duringthis whole period Rassendyll met Princess Flavia, fiancé and cousin of the king. Both of them fell in love with each other. Rassendyllfought bravely to save the king. In the end the king met and thanked Rassendyll. In whole situation he remained true to the king. Princess Flavia knew the truth that he was not a real king with whom she fell in love. But despite of this she confessed her love and he also did the same. But they both had to sacrifice their love for the honor of the king.



You will see an element of courage in Rudolph Rassendyl’s character. How he saves the king’s life by putting his own life in danger and fights with Black Micheal’s‘Famous six”


Theme of sacrifice is quite visible how Rudolph Rassendyll sacrifices his love with Flaviaas she is bound to be queen of the king. For this honor, both lovers give up their love and let the king to rule over the Ruritania. Though they promise to love each other forever as they have confessed their love too.


Rudolph Rassendyll is really a sincere man. He shows his spirit by being sincere to the king as he is given an opportunity to be a new king, but he refusesit and continues to make efforts just to rescue the king


It is really a heart touching novel, I was deeply immersed in this literary piece. I found myself becoming so lost while reading it. . I like the two characters, most namely Rassendyl and Flavia. How they sacrifice their true love for the sake of honor as they both are loyal to the king.

I have read many stories and usually I used to skip some parts of them because of little interest. But when I started reading this novel I could not make stop myselfuntil I read the whole book.