Exact Opposite Perspectives


Prescribed question: How could the text be read and interpreted differently by two

different readers?

Title of the text for analysis: “Worst Day Ever”, by Chanie Gorkin

Part of the course to which the text refers: Part 3: Literature- Text and content

My critical response will:

Show how perspective plays a role in what the audience takes from the text.

Show how a text can intentionally have more than one meaning.

Written task two

At first glance, in the short poem by Chanie Gorkin, she talks about how horrible her day was and how horrible the world is. At the end of the text it says to read the poem from bottom to top. Then the poem changes and shows the same day from a different perspective. Instead of a horrible day from the eyes of a pessimistic person, it was a good day from the perspective of a more optimistic person. The two people describe the same world but have differing perspectives on how to feel about the world or what the world should be considered. A point that can be made is that either a person’s attitude affects their reality or the reality affects their attitude. These are the two points of view in the poem. The poem can have two very different meanings depending on the the perspective of the reader and the way the author made the text and why the poem would be important to different readers.

Gorkins poem “Worst Day Ever” shows two different perspectives of a day. The first perspective is of the pessimistic person and the other is from a optimistic person. When someone reads this poem they will likely agree with one of the two perspectives. If the reader is having a bad day then they will likely agree with the first perspective upon reading it. This is because the reader will sympathize with the pessimistic person because they are sharing in those same feelings. Someone who is having a good day will most likely agree with the second perspective for the same reasons. So the point is that people with different feelings or ways of thinking will take something different from the poem.

The author of this poem used a very clever way of writing to show two perspectives in the same poem. The poem can be read top to bottom and make one point but then be read from bottom to top and make the opposite point. For example “The reality


My attitude”

Shows how what happens to her directly affects how she acts. Her attitude and feelings depend on the actions of people and the world around her. But when read bottom to top it reads “My attitude Creates The reality”. This is the opposite meaning from the perspective of the optimistic point of view. This time she is saying that her attitude affects the reality or in other words she is saying that if she goes in with a positive outlook then the reality will be much better or positive. So this is showing how because of the way she wrote it depending which way it is read, what message you are gonna get from it. It has a larger impact on the reader this way because it shows the literal opposite perspective from the pessimistic point of view. Showing how the attitude towards life or the world can change how the person feels about their everyday lives.

Depending on the person the poem can impact them in different ways. Some people like to listen to sad music to get over sad events and some people like to hear inspiring things to lift them out of the hole they are in. This text shows both of those outlooks and can help both people through their ruff days. Because the text holds both perspectives and has an added addition of showing how to get through it. The attitude of the person plays a role in whether they are having a good or bad day. The text says that “The attitude Creates The reality” meaning that the outlook of the person determines what and how they perceive the world.

The poem does a really great job at showing two different perspectives of the same day. It makes a point to show how the attitude of the person can change their reality and their feelings of the day. Depending on the attitude of the person which reality they will understand the best and was showed by the exact opposite ways of thinking the poem has. Gorkins poem does a great job of showing two opposite perspectives in the same paragraph. Since it is just read backwards the poem shows two exact opposite perspectives. Making the poem have even more of an impact on the reader because when they relate to top to bottom, bottom to top shows them how they should be thinking. It can change the perspective on the reader and hopefully change their mood. The poem can be taken many different ways but the point of the poem was to show how bad days can be good days depending on the person's attitude. This poe