Feast Day April 29Th

• Catherine was born in Siena, as the 23rd child of Jacopo and Lapa Benincasa who were rich dyers • As a child, she was a great opposition to the rest of her family • Her model as a child and continued to be was Dominic de Guzmán, founder of the Dominicans, who preached far and wide. • At an early age she displayed an intense religious sensibility, often causing her to go into a trancelike state • Her family was displeased with her and attempted to have her married off but she did not allow them • She soon because just a servant to her parents who tried their best to ignore her spiritual beliefs • At the time Europe was going through a plague known as the black death • She lost her twin sister during birth • She was a very kind and joyful young child who tried her best to bring happiness to all • As a young girl at around the age of 7 she would go to a cave near her house to fast, pray and meditate often which is said to be were her visions and love for Christianity as a whole began • She joined the Dominican Mantellates, laywomen who remained at home but took the garb of the Dominican order • In a vision, she received a confirmation of her calling to walk on two feet, serving both God and humans • She supported the Crusade against the Turks and preached against corruption among the clergy • She preached through central Italy gaining many followers of both genders • Since she did not have to live in a convent, she chose a room in her father's house, where she stayed for three years suffering from great temptation. Finally, she had a vision of Christ, who set a ring on her finger and married her which made her realise how much she had let herself astray • She force the pope into leaving his residence at Avignon and returning to Rome • In 1375, according to legend, she received the stigmata, the wounds of Christ. They did not show on her body, however, until after her death. She died in Rome and was buried in the Minerva Church. • When she was 16 she had a vision of St Dominic and then joined the third order of St Dominic • She was surrounded in Florence by the chapter of the Dominic’s and was interrogated in 1374 • She was canonised in 1461 • She saw a vision of our lady presenting her to Jesus who then gave her a ring and then talking to her about her faith and her pureness • She also experienced many more vision of Jesus, God and our lady • In 1361 at 18 years of age she became the habit of her monastery • In her mystical theology, Catherine saw God as united with the soul from the moment of creation which was a new way of looking at God • She spent most of her time working in charity especially for the sick • She travel often to encourage the spread of Christianity and to foster peace among the states • She offered guidance to many younger and older then her and this was considered a privilege • She was considered to be a power for good, for thousands were converted by her • During her time period it was very unlikely for her to have such control over politics and world history • During her days she wrote 360 letters, 26 prayers and 4 territories which not only impacted the people of her time but still continue to inspire people all over the world today • Catherine helped many people be nursed back to health/ look after them in their last hours during the darkest and most powerful plague the world has witnesses to date • Catherine is one of these and still today speak to us and impels us to walk courageously towards holiness and to be even more fully disciples of the Lord. • Her books of literature The dialoge of divine providence and libero Della Davina Tolario as well as her books of prayer which is still read today • The church today benefits from her mother like figure and how she strengthened many people’s desire of Christianity • From her we now follow her teachings to know, follow and love Jesus • St Catherine introduced many known principals and morals now abided by in the modern catholic church • Her letters and teachings still today guide people as they communicate a core understanding of what the catholic church is really about • Feast day April 29th and is patron saint of Italy and a doctor of the church • Although her life consisted of only 30 years it was such a powerful, generous and religious life that led her t be doctor of the church