Experience His Speculations

The essay begins with a story that has taken place before. In the history, we meet Jonathan Sanfran Foer the author, along with another person, who is called the girl. Froer inform about his experience of that day he met this girl, that was crying on the phone. He necessarily wanted to help her, but he decides not to accomplish it in the long run. Following that, Froer starts to describe how the situation affected him as a human who wants to show solicitude toward other humans. If we glimpse deeper into the text, the language in the text is formal which is necessary in this kind of context, specific to give the readers an improved understanding. It’s informative due to it informs as well as advise us. Foer wish the reader to understand every one of his statements. Also, by using Pathos, to affect our feelings. He wants to make us emotionally, so formerly we start wondering about his points. He also uses logos, but more to support his case based on his experience in the situation with the girl, cause Froer directly says that, by cause of the technology he chose not to help the girl, and also to support his claims, he uses psychologists where he involves their statement.Which he knows would help to make him trustworthy in front of the audience, when he delivered the speech at Middlebury College in 2013. If we look forward to his use of rhetoric. He uses allusion where Foer is referring back to the day he saw a girl crying while talking on the phone, while sitting next her considering wherever he should help her. After that experience his speculations and frustration against the technology development. If we dive further into the speech, he uses rhetorical device. The first is dialogism ‘’What was her mother telling her? Never to stay out all night’’ (p.1 l.16 ) where he tries to get into the girl’s conversation. Which point us back to the beginning of the story, which can help us understand him, as It obviously seen as, the episode probably affected him, but the technology was the main problem, also due to when he use antithesis mostly set to different up against one after another ‘’I could interject myself into her life or I could respect the boundaries between us.’’(p.1 l.26-28) when he talks about boundaries, he refers to that the technology is separating people from each other. Apart from that, he uses repetition including analogy the utmost, as when he says ‘’I know, I know’ ’(p.1 l.9) It has this effect where we feel we are communicating with him in person. He tries to give us this feeling of having a personal conversation and also to clarify the points he advocates.This can be connected with his use of pathos, where he attempts to appeal to our emotions, by sharing the story also inspire us change, the use of pathos can also be seen. He uses somber words to make us sentiment ‘’Tears came harder’’ (p.1 l.14-15) and more. Analogy appears when he compares goods with each other, for instance, when he talks about technology he kindly compares it to humans, together with in the middle when he mentions the neighbors with a dangerous one at night.