Writing Recount Text




This chapter presents the discussion on the background of the research, research question, the aim of the research, scope and limitation of the study, significance of the study, and definition of key terms.

1.1 Background of The Research

Writing is one of language skills in learning English. Tiwari (2005 : 120) states that writing is a complex process that allows the writer to explore thoughts and ideas and make them visible and concrete. At the outset, the most difficult thing toward students to writeis generating ideas and organizing them in a coherent text. Oshima and Hogue (1991 : 5) state that writing always has problems which put students into trouble as shown by errors made in both the organizing of the composition and the language so that the students’ writing topic cannot be stated correctly.

Many factors influence the lack of writing skills. According to Dorret (2001:23), several factors influence students’ lack of writing, such as the poor strategy of teaching, the awkward communication among teacher and students, the limited media that cannot facilitate students to learn, the hesitance of students to write, the lack of students’ practice to write, etc. The appropriate method, technique, or strategy can solve the difficulties of student in writing. Langan (2003 : 12) states that writing is a skill, so it can be learnt by using many kinds of technique. One of the ways to solve student’s problem in writing is using mind mapping. According to Buzan (2004), mind mapping is an effective technique that can be used to help teacher because it is not difficult to be applied. It also creates enjoyable classroom atmosphere in the teaching and learning process. Here, the students are expected to be able to find out the related words, ideas and concepts as many as possible to the topic given.

Many researchers have already been conducted. According to Hayati, Adnan Latief, Emilia Iragiliati (2015) they conducted Using Mind Mapping to Improve Students’ Ability in Writing Recount Text. Theyfocused on students can organize ideas and constructing appropriate sentences easily by using mind mapping.

According to Rafika Raisa Siregar (2010). She conducted this technique to improve the students’ problem in writing recount paragraph in senior high school grade X. She focused on the students’ grammar and vocabulary improvement while writing recount paragraph.

According to Edi Firman, Fathurrahman Imran, and K. Dedy Sandiarsa (2016) they conducted the research with the title The Effectiveness of Mind Mapping Towards Students' Writing Skill. The result of their research is that the students' score in writing taught by using mind-mapping is higher than the students whom taught using conventional strategy. It can be concluded that mind mapping was effective towards students writing ability.

According to Cynthia Laksmi Dewi (2017) she conducted Improving Students’ Creativity In Writing Recount Text By Using Mind Mapping. She focused on student’s creativity and student’s learning outcome in writing recount text at MIA 3 of SMA Batik 2 Surakarta.

According to Syeda Saima (2016) she conducted the research with the title Mind Mapping Techniques to Enhance EFL Writing Skill. The findings of her research is that students’ level of performance in the focused areas in writing exalted with significant improvement which benefited the learners in achieving excellent grades in the post-test. Thus, it became clear that the application of appropriate Mind mapping techniques enhanced the English writing ability of the Intermediate Saudi learners.

Based on the result of the researchers above, the writer knows that the use of mind mapping can improve student’s writing skill in writing recount text and learning outcomes. Most of students give good respon toward the implementation of mind mapping technique.They feel happy, enjoyable, and easy to write recount text. Unfortunatelly, there is no evidence or respon of teacher about mind mapping that the implementation in teaching writing recount text. So it is still misiing. Because it is just focused on students. Teacher’s perception is very necessary to be known in order to support clearly in applying a technique in teaching. It is interesting to investigate about teachers’ perception toward mind mapping technique in teaching writing recount text. Consequently, the writer in this study will do research about English Teachers’ Perception toward the Implementation of Mind Mapping Technique in Teaching Writing Recount Text.

1.2 Research Question

Based on the background of research above, the research question of the study is as follows:

1.2.1. How is English teachers’ perception toward the implementation of mind mapping technique in teaching writing recount text?

1.2.2. Is the mind mapping technique suitable to apply in teaching writing recount text?

1.3 The Aim of the Research

This research in order to know how English teachers’ perception toward the implementation of mind mapping technique in teaching writing recount text.

1.4 Scope and Limitation of The Study

    The scopes of the research are limited to the subject and object investigated.

1.4.1 Subject

Subject of this research is English teachers at several schools in Cirebon.

1.4.2 Object

The object of this research is teachers’ perception toward the implementation ofmind mapping in teaching writing recount text.

1.5 Significance of the Study

The result of this study is expected to be useful for the writer herself; hence it can be the best experience in enriching her knowledge about the technique and strategy in teaching writing recount text. This study is also expected to be a reflection for English teachers to apply the appropriate technique can be used by them in teaching learning process in the classroom especially in teaching writing recount text. So that teachers can always apply mind mapping technique in teaching writing recount text and also for the students, they will be motivated to create good write recount text easily and creatively.

1.6 Definition of Key Terms

In order to clarity the key terms used in this study, some definitions are put forward.

1.6.1 Perception is the view or opinion of someone about something.

1.6.2 Mind Mapping is an effective strategy in writing with using some lines, pictures, colours, key words that help students comprehend what they are going to write, find out the idea, arrange it into appropriate sequences and order, formulate the key words that help them focus on the track and finally creating good writing.

1.6.3 Teaching Writing is teaching the students how to use the language for communicating, transferring idea and thought through written text.

1.6.4 Recount text: According to Siahaan and Shinoda (2008: 9), Recount is to tell “what happened”. The purpose of a recount is to give the audience a description of what occurred and when it occurred.