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Question#01 [CLO-1, PlO-9]

Describe stages of writing process? And explain the word T-R-A-C-T used in presentation skills?

There are four stages of writing process

  1. Pre-writing

  2. Drafting

  3. Revising

  4. Editing

1 Pre-writing:

Pre writing is the process of coming ideas in your mind before you write. It has further four stages

  1. Brain storming

  2. Free writing

  3. Clustering

  4. Outlining

Brain storming is the storm of ideas occurs in your mind relevant and related to your topic.

Free writing is the writing of those ideas which occur in your mind during brain storming process.

Clustering is the narrowing of thoughts connecting to your ideas.

Outlining is the laying out of ideas and information.

2 Drafting:

Drafting is the process of organization of your information and you write the rough sketch of that information.

3 Revising:

In revising process, we revise each and every point we write on paper and we check the mistakes either mistakes are global or local e.g. Grammatical or punctuation mistakes.

4 Editing:

Editing is the process of correcting all mistakes like punctuation or grammatical mistakes.

Explain word TRACT?

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Question#02 [CLO-2, PLO-10]

Write a complaint letter in full block style written in the name of “Head of Department” complaining about the wrong grade mentioned in the final result notified on notice board?

26 Area Gadwall

Wah Cantt.

March 29, 2018

Head of Department

University of wah

Wah Cantt.


As you know, the result of BSc electrical department of fourth semester is issued on 2nd Feb, 2017. Result sheets are placed on notice board after the result issue but there is some problems in result sheets.

The major problem is that, the grades are mentioned wrong on the result sheets. The grade of EDC subject is written in front of drawing subject, and some grades are properly worng mentioned like some students get ‘A’ grade in Linear Algebra but in result sheets, the grade given is ‘B+’. May be these all mistakes occur due to typing mistakes and may be result shuffled due to same reason.

So, I request you to notice these factors and give orders to result arranging or IT department to correct the wrong grades and information mentioned on result sheets.

I hope a new result sheet will be displayed on notice board after correction of grades.

Best Regards,

Usman Ali.

Question#03 [CLO-2, PLO-10]

Some people are born to be leaders; others believe leadership can be learnt. Discuss both views and give your opinion? (300-350 words)

Every nation depends on a suitable and perfect leader. Without good leader a nation will not get his rights and even a nation can’t success in world. Due to best leadership of some persons, peoples make ideas that some people are born for leadership and some people says that without learning about leadership, a person can’t behave or act as a leader. But according to my knowledge a leadership is useless without learning and studies.

As we study the past about 800 years ago, the Mugal rulers entered in sub-continent and ruled about 800 years. During these years they have a knowledge that how to make nation strong at starting time they hard effort for their nation and country. Because initially they have knowledge of Qur’an and Haadith so, they are successful. After that when they loss war the main reason of lost of war is lack of leadership because our leaders not known what to do?

It is well said that, “To hear the unheard sounds is necessary to be a good leader” when a person learn from studies and present situations, he get a lot of information and short cutts for leading on nation. No doubt that some people have ability to rule or lead the nation but in my opinion it’s not enough for leadership purpose.

For example, a well confidence person who is not well educated is selected to be a leader of a nation. During his leading period he not knows that how to make nation economical good on international as well as national level. And when we selected a person who is best in economic ideas and he learnt from previous leadership of other leaders then he easily leads the nation from every point of view. For example, Quaid-e-azam is a best leader who is well educated and he learnt leadership from Islamic pint of view and he led our nation very well.

The leadership is useless until we learnt about each and every point that is required for a leader to lead a nation. A person who studies the Islamic point of views and have a best grip on knowledge will be a good leader instead of a person who not knows about that.

Question#04[CLO-2, PLO-10]

a. Allen and Thomson Bond published a book in Washington, D.C; National Geographic society in 1987. Name of the book was ‘A reader Guide to science fiction? Cite the given information in MLA and APA form.

MLA Form:

Allen, Thomson B. A reader Guide to Science fiction. Washington DC: National geographic society, 1987

APA Form:

Allen, T. (1987) A reader Guide to science fiction. Washington DC: National Geographic society.

b. Explain four types of Essays.

Basic four types of essays are

  1. Narrative essay

  2. Descriptive essay

  3. Expository essay

  4. Persuasive essay

Narrative essay:

In narrative essay, a writer tells a story about his real life occasions. unexpected journey.

Descriptive essay:

In descriptive essay, writer makes a picture by explaining with words. For example burj- khalifa is world tallest building.

Expository essay:

In this type of essay, writer use facts and figures to explain the topic with examples and knowledge. For example world polluted areas.

Persuasive essay:

In persuasive essay writer convince the reader to accept his recommendations and facts that he observed. For example “why prison break is best show ever”.