Marcel Second Method

Camus writing style has a more rhetorical side than using logic, while Camus expresses his feelings to the absurd and how he doesn’t believe in much, he speaks from an atheist Christian perspective about the universe. Marcel’s writing was inspired by what he had encountered in war and his life experiences.

Camus talks about the revolt, the revolt in Camus words is how the self is solidarity with or without compassion for others. He wants people to treat others with respect and display dignity that isn’t part of the community. Camus wanted to reassure that his “analysis of rebellion leads to doubt, that human nature does exist. Camus writes that you should treat people with dignity, but without betraying the true character.

The thing that kept recurring in Camus literacy work that also showed up in his political writings and his writing altogether, he explores everything from the outside perspective. He would keep records of all the things they saw and observed the people in his own community. Camus had this viewpoint come naturally, he is part European and African this gave Camus most of his ideas because he had hung out with different groups of people and communities over his lifetime, this made Camus seem like an outsider because he took different stances on his writing that he wrote whether it was friendship or philosophy.

Marcel and the mystery, the mystery that Marcel is talking about is the existence of god and the notion of proof. When he wrote about proof he didn’t just believe in the existence of God, he doesn’t rely on true belief. The god that we learn about in church and come to understand is the living God, but Marcel says that God is faith and you must believe his spirit in order to find the real God. Marcel insists that God is considered the unconditional, although he may be fake or real to some people, you as the individual person is responsible to believe your own opinion. He composed that god would be insisted on the subject, yet additionally a typical reason for confirmation and a status in the recipient to submit himself. Marcel believed that God may have existed as an act of faith in the reflection of how other people exist and how that God is related to the man, focused his attention “proof”. In the event that you have faith in God, at that point, he will help you en-route and enable you to comprehend yourself as well as in life. Marcel contends about individual inner self and modifies conscience, he clarifies the change personality begins with "who am I.” A person can find them self by their own self-creation. Marcel second method of examination comprises of an investigation of intersubjective connection with another particular individual. Marcel’s final arguments were the pantheistic and idealistic overtones. The idea is that the personality of the other and the general characteristic of being. Overall, I think that Marcel is right because he makes very good points, he believes in the human body and the mind itself. Marcel says that love is the starting point of life, while Camus states that the beginning is absurd.

I have to agree with him because when you are born, you are immediately loved by your parents and that person will be loved by many as he grows up. Everybody is taught to love and to learn about yourself as you grow up. The key thing to life is that once you find yourself and find the thing that you enjoy to do, you will live the rest of your full of joy. Marcel's interpretation of rationality identifies with me since it is things that you can identify with, in light of the fact that most of the stuff he is discussing needs to do with values and the diverse kind of qualities individuals learn as they grow up. Qualities are not decided for us we learn them as we grow up, for instance when we are youthful we realize what good and bad is and how to choose if something is correct or off-base. The contrast amongst Marcel and Camus is that Camus trusts that individuals endeavor to locate the importance of life with respect to the sill of the universe. Camus conceives that everybody is crazy and then there is no expectation for individuals in the universe, and in the event that they are stuck in a life they aren't receiving in return.