Good Time Management Skills

This essay is a reflective account at the development I have made on my first foundation year. The areas I plan to cover consist of the importance of positive and negative feedback for the improvement of my essay writing style, the importance of gaining vital transferable skills, an overall view of meetings with my personaltutors and issues related to my personal learning. Last but not least, areas that I need to improve upon will be identified with an action plan on how to overcome them, which would benefit my development at university.

People tend spend a lot time wondering over past experiences (mostly bad ones) they have had and things they need to do. But in education it is thought that with the intention to move on, those thoughts should be changed into guided reflection permitting one to enhance them in the future. The vital reason of reflective practice is to allow the practitioner to access, apprehend and learn via, his or her lived reviews and, for that reason, to take ‘congruent action towards developing increasing effectiveness within the context of what is understood as desirable practice’ (Johns 2000, p3).

Although I am 21years old I do consider myself as a mature student due to the fact that many of my peers are way ahead of me due back decisions I have made in the past however I feel like this year, this course had made me has made me develop a sense of self-discipline which is really essential for purposeful writing. Instead of basing my essays on literal meanings, I have learned to question things more. . I challenge myself to look into a textbooks as in depth as possible and unravel every detail to develop an answer to assignments. Also, by reading multiple books on one specific topic I have learnt this has become extremely useful as I can get more than on perspective on a topic. This tends to help me avoid going around in circles. This method of research has helped me develop a more in depth understanding of text books. Whilst writing this essay I had to go back on some of text book I used at the early stages of the course and I was in shock because all the pages seemed to be clean and unannotated, which seems bizarre to me as I it seems as if I did not have an understanding of those books . I guess you could say that I have learned to read with a highlighter and not just my eyes. Essay writing had always been one of my strengths, but it was challenging transitioning from college to university as I found that my writing style lacked a lot in order to meet university standards.

The course has helped me to recognise the importance of all factors of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, which includes body language, touch, facial expression and eye contact. It has shown me how crucial non-verbal verbal exchange can be when I child is trying to express themselves. Whilst volunteering at the clinic I volunteer for, I put into use my communication skills which helped me communicate with individuals from various cultures and backgrounds. For example, while I was working in the ward with a staff nurse, I realised through facial expression that a patient was feeling uncomfortable. I went over to ask him if he were okay. He told me he was having trouble breathing. I instantly reported it to the nurse that was in charge. In this instance I learnt that good communication skills is vital for delivering good health services.

I believe the best way of learning is to become an independent learner which in itself requires good communication skills with my tutors and great self-discipline. During this course, I believe I have acquired good time management skills, for meeting deadlines in submission of assignments however for my attendance and punctually there needs to be a huge improvement.

At first, going on the internet and using the electronic searching method for research purposes was a bit difficult but it became clearer with the help of the IT workshop I attended during the course. It also helped greatly when looking up textbooks needed for references and bibliographies. Having to do presentations and group work is another effective way of learning because it provides an opportunity to research the topic and get ideas from one other. My group and I prepared a research presentation and I knew little about the components that would make the type of presentation successful. However due to the fact that it was group work meant that we could share the work load evenly and that others could support where another may fall short and vice a versa.

My IT capabilities have advanced pretty substantially since the start of this module. I now know how to use different approaches to look for statistics not just “google”. The IT sessions have contributed greatly, a lot, now have the confidence to use the net frequently. I’ve also learnt the way to use database and PowerPoint i will continue to build on what I’ve learnt and improve on it because the technology is updating often and it is necessary to hold up with this trend. Carrying out a literature search during an assignment, taught me how to use the search engines like google books using key phrases so that you can find relevant articles. Carrying out a literature overview has given me and perception into what research includes the ways wherein research may be finished and the special technique that is used.