F. Scott Fitzgerald

Famous Writers of the 1920s

The writers of the 1920s impacted traditional literature in major ways. They steered away from modern writing and wrote how they pleased. Whenever the authors did this, it allowed many writers to explore a new world of literature. Writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, and many others, ignored the boundaries of modern literature and this allowed other writers to see a different viewpoint of literature. This lead to a great change in American literature.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is a great example of how writers like him impacted literature. He turned events in his life into fictional stories, and this was not something other writers did because it was not traditional literature. Fitzgerald’s way of writing allowed other writers to look past traditional literature and to write however they pleased. His famous book “The Great Gatsby” has fictional events from his life and the book is considered one of his most important work (Verde 53).”Elements of The Great Gatsby- a young man pretending to be something he is not, striving for recognition, in love with a girl beyond his reach, trying to realize the American dream of happiness through success and wealth but ultimately experiencing tragedy- reflects events of Fitzgerald's personal history”(Verde 55).Fitzgerald inspired another famous writer, Ernest Hemingway.Hemingway looked up to F. Scott Fitzgerald and learned many things from him, the two had a love hate relationship (Verde 55). Although they had differences, Ernest Hemingway became successful with the help of Fitzgerald. Hemingway wrote a novel called “The Sun Also Rises” and it was his first successful writing. He uses realistic dialogue which represents his experiences directly (Moss 439). Hemingway wrote his novels in a nontraditional style which made him significant(Moss 439).“The importance of including Hemingway in American Literature anthologies cannot be overestimated” (Roberts). “Hemingway’s genius as an American original was evident long before he produced his novels that are today considered masterpieces of American literature”(Roberts). Hemingway was the author that set the standard for literature and the writers who came after him honored him and his achievements (Roberts).

A writer named William Faulkner’s was also well known for his nontraditional writing style. His greatest work is “The Sound and the Fury”, and it’s considered one of the most challenging ever written (Somers). Faulkner is another writer that ignored the boundaries of literature and wrote his stories his own way. “ Faulkner was a writer who truly understood language, so he could break the rules with impunity” (Somers).William Faulkner also wrote his novels untraditional style and this caused him to become a success. He describes his characters in his novels in great detail. His style of writing was archetypal of American literature (Roberts).Another important writer that was famous for his is Langston Hughes.He is one of the most important writers and thinkers of the Harlem Renaissance (America’s). “Hughes creative genius was influenced by his life in New York;s Harlem, a primarily African American neighborhood. His literary works helped shape American literature and politics” (America’s).Throughout his work, he wrote about equality and he criticized racism and injustice and celebrated African American culture (America’s). He is a powerful writer and he inspired many people during the Harlem Renaissance. Hughes was like many writers during the 1920s, he wrote about what he was passionate about and he used his life experiences to tell a story. “Langston Hughes is one of America’s greatest poets”(America’s).

Someone who is also an important writer is Agatha Christie. “Her bibliography of mysteries is impressive not just for the sheer number of title she produced, but for their almost-uniform quality”(Somers). Agatha’s mysteries were complex and you could go back and see the clues and reconstruct the crimes and they made sense (Somers). One her most controversial novels is “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” because of the way she wrote the book (Somers). She was the first writer to fully use this style in her novels and that is how she became a success through her work. Agatha Christie’s style of writing is different from the traditional way literature was written but her style is what made her a remarkable writer and acknowledged throughout the 1920s and later years.

This generation of writers put on mark on American literature. “Many stories of the 1920s address the human condition, and with them use may also look at our own time”(McParland). Many of the writers in the 20s used real life events in their novels and this is what made them remarkable. The books of the 1920s allow readers to see how life was during that time period through fictional stories. “This is the reason so many novels written in the 1920s remain on the “best ever” lists, another being the extraordinary explosion of experimentation and boundary pushing that writers engaged in” (Somers).The readers of these novels in the 1920s were captivated by the style the authors used in their novels (McParland).“These novels not only portrayed life, for some readers they provided markers of how to negotiate life. They helped people find meaning in desparte chaos of the modern world” (McParland). The twenties is a period of American life characterized by rapid change and creativity that remains quite relevant in modern times, as this time period generated in literature and the arts, media and popular culture, this was all the beginning of what America has since become (McParland). The novels of the 20s continue to offer us predicaments that are relevant to our generation now (McParland). The books that the authors wrote in the 1920’s are still very popular in the world today.

Writers from the 1920s are still influencing the writers of today. Their books are widely popular throughout the world. American literature is majorly influenced by the style of the 1920s writers. They wrote how the wanted to write and ignored the boundaries of modern literature. This generation of writers had a major impact on literature This showed other writers that they can change their style from modern literature to a broad scale of literature.

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