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Portfolio Defense: Strengths and Weaknesses as a Writer

A proper essay requires a prior planning, making, and revising of the essay.

Whenever I'm asked to write something, such as an essay my hormones are all over the places. Anxiety sets in, and I look to get it behind my back as soon as possible. Writing is an art. I know I'm nowhere close to Stephen King, but I really took the time to write this essay, and seriously reflected on my strength and weaknesses as a writer. Even though I have written hundreds of essays in my life, I never thought of it before. You become a writer from the time you start learning to write in Pre-Kindergarten. In every profession there are strength and weaknesses, writers also have them. You are not born writer but I think over the time you develop writing skills and become a good writer.

I reflected on this topic for an hour, and found more weakness in me as a writer than strengths. So, first I would like to begin listing my weaknesses as a writer.One of my main weakness is I can imagine the plot in my mind but to structure it on a paper accurately, requires a lot of patience for me. Sometimes I think I can be director of a movie, rather than a writer as I can clearly visualize the plot compared to writing it down. I believe it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a story developed, putting words on the paper will get you started automatically. The most important skill that all writers need to possess if they are to succeed is persistence. Whether you’re a freelancer or a staff writer, your career will suffer if you quit in the middle of a project.

My main weakness is overlooking sentence structure and punctuation errors. During this semester I had troubles with commas; I was confused with the placement of commas in a sentence. Gradually as the course progressed, I learnt how to use of commas correctly. Another weakness of mine is that I am unable to get the reader’s attention through the introductory paragraph. Many of my friends, after reviewing my essays, have told me that they are unable to connect to my story. Another weakness is that after numerous revisions, I tend to make essays completely astray from the topic. I tend to add things not relevant to the topic, and have to be extra cautious. A final weakness in my writing is that I lack the concentration to maintain a particular tone in the essay. I may have wanted to create a serious essay, but may occasionally make the essay’s tone jocular.

One of my strengths with writing is coming up with a story on the fly. As I have a knack for drawing, I have better creativity. I love building blocks in an essay to create an entire framework. To me, it doesn’t matter if the story isn’t well-developed, I can manage to put broken sentences down on paper. One thing for sure is that I will not bore my readers to tears with my improper punctuations and incorrect statements because I can create a good plot that will keep them fixated to read further. My other strength is that I plan a goal for each of my essays. I write essays on a specific topic without no going all over the place. I can bring readers to focus on one specific topic and add more depth to arguments. I prefer to use simple word choices that are easier to understand by non-English speaking audiences.

I believe that after writing numerous essays, I am now at the writing level where I can use a broader vocabulary. My only saving grace is I want to work on my weaknesses and be a good writer. I may perhaps one day write a biography about myself.