Bilingual Student

Weaknesses and Strengths in my writing

In this paper, i will write about my weaknessesin writing. Writing essays has always been a struggle for a bilingual student like me. Translating and converting two languages in my head into a paper is very difficult and time-consuming.While others may take about forty minutes to write an essay, it takes me about an hour to put what’s in my mind to a piece of paper. Although I may take longer than others to answer a prompt, I tend to have a low-quality paper and tend to receive a lower grade than others. Due to my recent arrival in the United States and my low experience in writing, there are more weaknesses than strengths in my writing. These are some of my weaknesses and a few strengths in my essays.

Writing a thesis statement is one of my most difficult task in my essays. Although I understand the given prompt, I have a difficult time choosing one side of the argument which hinders me from writing the main sentence. Sometimes, when I have to pick a side, I have a tendency to understand both sides of the argument which stops me from staying on only one side. Sometimes, I do not know much about the given prompt and the lack of information prevent me from writing. Even when I choose a side and begin to write my thesis statement, I have trouble understanding how to put my thoughts into words. For all these reasons, writing a thesis statement is definitely one of my hardest task as a student.

I also struggle on how to write my body paragraphs to support my thesis. Although I know that body paragraphs should have a topic sentence, evidence, and a commentary, I have trouble understanding what to write for my topic sentence and how to incorporate evidences into the paragraph and how to write the significance of the evidence to the topic sentence. Although it is easy for me to know how essays should be written, it is very challenging for me to effectively write an essay.

Transitional words and punctuation is also one of my achilles’ heel in writing. Since I am unfamiliar with some of the transitional words, I avoid using them and incorporating them into my body paragraphs because I worry that I might use a vocabulary that means something else than what I meant to say. Since I also do not have much experience in writing in another language than my native language, I tend to have many punctuation errors in my paper.Therefore, it is difficult for me to appropriately write a strong body paragraph with correct punctuations and transitional words.

I also tend to write with many grammatical and spelling errors in my essay. Since I am still on the process of learning this new language in America, I have a very difficult time spelling and writing a grammatically correct sentence. With the limited time and pressure to finish my essay on time, I tend to write whatever is onmy mind without putting much consideration of writing grammatically correct sentences and I, sometimes, do not understand how to convert my ideas into words. Therefore, I really struggle on writing with a correct grammar and correct spelling.

I also struggle on choosing evidences that would strengthen my thesis and writing the commentary. Even though I , sometimes, already know what I am going to write for my body paragraph, I have a difficult time choosing which evidence to utilize for my evidence. I understands that I can use quotes, facts, or ideas from another source to support my stance, but it is challenging to pick which will be appropriate and effective to write that fully explains what I am trying to say.Even when I already pick my evidences, I have a difficult time deciding how that explains how the evidence support the topic sentence. Sometimes, I am able to write the commentary but it doesn’t effectively support the topic sentence. Therefore, choosing evidences and writing a commentary is one of my hardest obstacle in writing.

Despite my weaknesses, being a bilingual student and due to my recent arrival I can honestly say that my strength is my desire to improve my writing. No matter how difficult it might be I am always willing to learn. This experience has taught me not to give up just because things are getting harder, but to rather get back up and knock all the negativity down. The moment I even think of giving up, I need to remind myself of the reason I held on in the first place. I think that I eventually realized I had to take action if I want something out of life. I understand the importance of writing as an effective form of communication. I can express my feelings and emotions through this form.

To conclude, writing isn’t easy especially for a non-native speaker. Although I have plenty of weaknesses I viewed my weaknesses as an improvement. Rather than taking it negatively, we should take our weaknesses and use it to our advantage. It definitely helped me gain knowledge and grow as a person. My strengths helped me overcome my weaknesses. Overcoming these qualities has affected my goals and personal character hugely. They shape us to become the best versions of ourselves.